Vumatel Feedback on Fibre in Greymont, its great news!


We might have Fibre before Christmas!!!

Our awesome chairman Shane had a great meeting with Vumatel and has been kind enough to give us the answers to the main questions we all wanted to know.

What is the planned start of the installation date and expected date of completion?

Installation will start at the end of October beginning of November, completed by the 3rd of December 2016 if all goes according to plan.

I see West side of 15th street Greymont and down the North side of 6th Str West is just about completed.

This falls under the Northcliff build as Northcliff Terrace and Berg en Dal fall under the Northcliff build zone.

Planned roll out?

There are 48 “City Blocks” in Greymont and all blocks will be starting at the same time.

How is the position of the incoming fibre connection mounted against the property wall determined?
What do we need to do in order to inform Vumatel which side of our house we would like the box installed?

Home owners have a choice of where the box will be mounted, prior to mounting Vumatel installation crews will come and see each property owner / tenant and discuss the best location for installation. This will invariably happen in the early hours of the evening when most people are home.
If nobody is at home, documentation will be left in post boxes or gates notifying you of intended installation.

Can this position be specified by the property owner?


What is the repair lead time for a punctured water pipe?

20mm water supply pipe same day.
110 mm water supply pipe 24 hours

Does every house get a fibre junction box regardless of interest shown or no interest shown?

Irrespective of interest shown or not each and every house will get a fibre termination box. This is very important to note that if you choose not to have the fibre termination box mounted on the wall or fence of your property, Vumatel will bury the box underground, should you at a later stage change your mind to install fibre, digging up and mounting of the box with cost R5000.00 Reason for this is that Vumatel have to reapply for a wayleave to dig up the pavement again to retrieve the fibre termination box. Please think about your decision to say NO when making the call.

Residents of Greymont have posed the below questions to me regarding the installation of Fibre into the suburb.
I have copy pasted the questions as they have been asked.

How are cables laid into homes without defacing gardens or indoors?
Once they have put the access box on your wall, then do they have to dig in your property for the fibre to be laid to the desired room?

Cables are laid along walls or the best place determined by both home owners / tenant when the installation commences from the fibre junction box outside the property. Digging in gardens is NOT an option as Vumatel do not know where underground cables / pipes run inside private property.

Is it a flat rate or dependent on what needs to be connected?

Connection of the fibre junction box outside to inside is a standard rate of R1710.00
Connection fee to the chosen ISP differs from ISP to ISP, some ISPs do not charge, but that is dependent on the package you choose.

Will one still need a form of router?

YES, a WAN enable port on your router will do the job, some ISP’s provide a router free of charge once again all dependant on the package you choose from any respective ISP.

Lawn’s, Pavements and walls on pavements?

Vumatel will replace as they find it, photographs are taken prior to each pavement being dug up.
The digging crews will normally go under the walls where they can.
Should a problem wall arise, the Digging crew manager will have a meeting with the Senior Project Manager and discuss a solution for each problematic section.

If you are on the pre list, do you still have to pay the 1710.00


Which service providers have they chosen for Greymont, as in Melville there are different offerings to that of Linden for example why?

Melville was a problem location for all fibre service providers.
Please go the portal and sign up there to look for all the different packages available, this changes all the time as it is a live site with ISPs adding packages all the time.

To have a box installed on our house do we need to pay the R1700?

NO! this happens regardless.

Are cull de sacs covered on the fibre network?


Access in and out of driveways?

Each digging crew will have a set of “driving plates” as and when driveways are opened up for the laying of cables and you wish to leave your home, call the digging crew and they will put the “driving plates” over the whole so you can get out.
Also note the drive ways are opened up and closed on the same day, but NOT finished to how is was found, that will follow in due course.

Pulling up of pavements / grass / walls, does Vumatel reinstate to previous / original condition?

YES, and if not better, dependant on photos taken prior to work commencing, at Vumatel’s cost. It is also important to note that should you choose to reinstate your payment with a third party contractor and not wait Vumatel once they are completed, Vumatel will NOT pay for the reinstatement there of, period.

Will the “mess” generated by Vumatel be cleaned up and removed?


Problem pavements where digging up is virtually not possible?

A meeting will be held with the digging crew manager and the project manager to determine the best possible option for problem pavements.

Damage to plants on pavements?

Vumatel will replace based on photos taken prior to digging.

Does Vumatel carry the cost for restoration of what they dig up?


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