VUMA is bringing Fibre to Greymont – work starts in Febuary

Good day Greymont residents,

Vumatel has officially opened our doors for 2017 and would like to wish all of the residents in Greymont a very happy new year.

Construction Start Dates

VUMA plans to begin construction in Greymont within the first two weeks of February. The initial phase of the construction process will include scanning of intersections, pilot holes to highlight existing services and preliminary drilling throughout the suburb. VUMA plans to take two months to complete the civil construction phase and timelines on fibre ready dates will be communicated over the course of the build.

VUMA’s Schools programme

In February 2016 VUMA’s CEO Niel Schoeman announced that a free uncapped 1 Gigabit per second fibre line would be given to every school VUMA passes. We believe that our children are the future and it is vital to connect them to the information age. To date, VUMA has connected 20 schools to its high-speed broadband network. Read more about this exciting initiative and how schools are already benefiting from it by clicking here.

We look forward to engaging with you and we will inform you of who your resident liaison team is.

Kind Regards
The VUMA Team

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