Update On Bergbron ‘Low cost’ housing Development​


For those unaware of this; the Nursery opposite The Berg Shopping Centre (Spar) has been sold and a housing estate comprising 581 Units is planned on the site. This is concerning for the entire suburb as well as surrounding suburbs such as Greymont and there is rightfully resistance by the community affected. Infrastructural and traffic issues have been highlighted as major concerns.

The meeting held ​on Monday was boycotted by many Residents after Prism (arrogantly some suggest) changed the venue on Friday without proper consultation.

Here is the Ward Councillor for our district Steve Kotze’s report on last night’s gathering:

PRISM representatives started the meeting by saying that they were independent. It quickly followed that they were not overly accommodating of the affected parties (residents) attending the meeting.

The ‘chairperson’ not understand meeting procedures.

The manner in which the meeting was presented assumed that all residents were ignorant in regard to town planning processes.

When the presenters were tripped up by questions for clarity – which could not be clearly responded to – and other, pressing questions, they responded by saying, ‘We will respond to those questions in writing‘.

Public participation was neither encouraged nor adequately accommodated. Lack of experience and professionalism of the chairperson drew anger from the audience for the greater part of the meeting.

​PRISM‘s Hendrik Kruger sent out this email:


Good morning,

Thank you for attending the Public Meeting on Monday evening.

As requested during the meeting can you please ensure that all comments reach our office by close of business Monday 28 September 2015 so that it can be included within the Final Report.

The comments can be e-mailed to hendrik@​​prismems.co.za

This report will then be made available for Public Review for 21 days and then it will be submitted to Gauteng Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Development by end October 2015.

Your feedback would be appreciated.

Hendrik Kruger (HON Geography)
Environmental Assessment Practitioner

The Deadline is this Monday!

Please join us in submitting as many objections as possible.

The full notice of objection that you can send is HERE,
​which very nicely breaks down what the issues are​:

  • Increased traffic volumes in the area
  • Addition people for schooling in area
  • Additional strain on existing infrastructure
  • Increased security risk in area
  • Increased noise and disturbances


​Please Note:​

Much of this article is sourced from FNQB’s Facebook page and there is more relevant information on their website.​

​Account for depositing contributions towards legal fees for opposing the township development:
Accounting and Taxation Administrators
Nedbank Randridge
Account number: 1514202999
Branch: 151405
Please ensure that your initials and Surname appear as the reference. Email payment reference to info@fnqb.info

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