Update: on Proposed Bergbron Low cost Development


New feedback was emailed from PRISM in regards to the Proposed Bergbron Low cost Housing Development.

Dear Interested and Affected Party,

The Public Meeting held on 21 September 2015 as well as our draft report circulated for review, have reference.

Following the Public Meeting and Commenting Period the applicant has decided to propose a second Alternative to the Basic Assessment Report, for consideration by GDAERD. Our office is currently in the process of compiling this additional information and amendment to the BAR.

All comments and questions raised during the Public Meeting (Meeting Minutes) and Commenting Period will also be addressed within the Comments and Response Report that forms part of the Basic Assessment Report.

After the changes have been incorporated into the report, the report will go out for public review during which period you, as an Interested and Affected Party, will again have the opportunity to review the report for 21 days.

After this final review period the report will be concluded and submitted to Gauteng Department Agriculture Environment and Rural Development (GDAERD) for review and commenting, which should take approximately 3 months.

You will be provided with a DropBox link once the report is ready for review.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Hendrik Kruger (HON Geography)
Environmental Assessment Practitioner

We will update this post with a link to the Dropbox file mentioned when it is sent.

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  • Any updates? We as a community need to oppose this low cost residential development.

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