Tips to selecting your Fibre Service Provider

The Four secrets to look out for when choosing an ISP:

  1. Uncapped
  2. Unshapped
  3. no fair usage policy
  4. No throttling

Please remember NOTHING is ever for free on the internet, ever, there is always a catch, you need to read the fine print, or ask the questions.

Fibre ISPs DO throttle and DO shape fibre connections. If the Vumatel portal doesn’t say that on their “VIEW PACKAGE” then they do.

e.g. Cybersmart lightspeed who is the cheapest out there for any Fibre connection across the different packages, do throttle, they just don’t tell you, e.g. peer to peer is throttled at 2mgs.

Below are examples of what is “stated” on the Vumatel website for each of those two service providers.

Home Connect

  • Unshaped Data
  • No Fair Use Policy
  • No Cap
  • No throttling
  • Month-to-Month Contract T&Cs Apply

Cell C

  • Unlimited – Unshaped – Unrestricted Internet
  • No Start-Up Costs – Save Over R 4700
  • No Hidden Catches
  • Month To Month Contract
  • FREE Installation of Vumatel CPE
  • FREE Connection

When an ISP say there are no startup costs, there are!

How it works:

1. You choose a no startup cost ISP.
You still pay Vumatel the R1710.00 CPE installation even though it says there is no cost for that.
Once Vumatel is paid, you send your invoice to the ISP and they Credit your ISP account with that amount of R1710.00

2. The ISP Connection fee is also credited to your account once the line is active and working.

3. Month to month only really comes into play when the CPE and connection fee is “written off” over a period of a year or two years depending on the ISP chozen?

That is the catch, if you decide to leave and go to another ISP, you are then liable for those costs, and you start all over again with another ISP. In essence that is your 1 or 2 year contract in a nutshell, just structured differently.

Choose wisely and happy surfing! 😃

Info and tips provided by resident Shane Strashoon

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