The simple answers to fibre questions, pros and cons.


For the “techno challenged” “Layman” fibre installation questions, pros and cons.

 First off some Important points:

  • Showing interest in Fibre does not obligate you to purchase fibre at any time what so ever, what it does do is enables the rest of us who want it to get it quicker.
  • There is a once off non-refundable installation cost of R1710.00 from any service provider, there is NO cheaper option getting fibre installed into your home / office / home office from anywhere or anybody, all the ISPs (Internet Service Provider) charge the same price.
  • Some of the ISPs offering FTTH products in South Africa include Web Africa, Cybersmart, Cool Ideas, MTN, Vox Telecom, Smart Village, Telkom and MWEB.
  • Prices vary for different packages, whether it’s speed or data you are looking for?

Pros for Fibre:

  • High Speed internet.
  • No Copper cable theft (telephone lines).
  • No lightning strikes and damaged equipment over telephone cables.
  • Streaming TV Netflix, Showmax.
  • VoIP Telephone, (Voice over Internet Protocol) Cheaper call rates through the internet through your fibre connection, or any other internet based service for that matter; all you need is a VoIP account and a VoIP enabled telephone. (this includes your cell phone with the right app installed)
  • NO ADSL monthly line rentals.
  • Internet access to your home security cameras from your telephone or any other place, where ever whenever.

Cons for Fibre:

  • Non-refundable High installation Cost.
  • The faster you go the more you use. (Capped Accounts)

Does fibre warrant the cost to change from ADSL to Fibre?

The most important question to ask is “What do I use my internet for?”

  • Internet banking?
  • Skyping with Family overseas?
  • Surfing the internet?
  • Online shopping?
  • Netflix or Showmax?
  • Facebook?
  • You Tube?
  • Online gaming?
  • Connecting your Smartphone via Wireless enabled router to the internet instead of using your 3G data?

If you answer YES to any or all of those questions then fibre is the way to go to improve your overall experience of using the internet.


If you only use the internet briefly at any one given time, you may want to consider the capital outlay of your hard earned cash before getting fibre and sticking with your ADSL line or 3g Dongle.

I can assure you this, once you have fibre you won’t look back.

There’s a lovely Afrikaans saying: “Mooi is seer, seer in die sack.” roughly translated “Nice costs money, and it hurts the pocket.”

The Table below will show you some of the fibre ISP players. And their related costs for what they have to offer. This pricing structure is not cast in stone and changes all the time.

Fibre Pricing at a glance


If anyone showed interest initially and put their name down that we collect, they will already be on the list of interest shown. Those are all the details that I sent through to Vumatel to get the ball rolling. If they try again, they will not be able to do it on the website as their details are already recorded.  Thank you.

If however you haven’t already, please show your interest on the Vumatel Website here.

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