The Jungle Gym Is As Good As New

THANK YOU JACO!!!  I am sure that every parent who brings their children to play on the the Jungle Gym will be most grateful to you for making it safe and sound for all the little ones. Jaco’s philosophy is simple… “we use it, we must maintain it.” We value you.

Joan and Clyde continue to pay their gardener to keep the big field (from third to the stream, between de la Rey and 10th) clean.  He is a lovely man and always has a big smile and a friendly wave.  THANK YOU.  We do not say thank you often enough.  Please know that it is hugely appreciated.

Jaco will buy paint. We need volunteers to join our paint party.  Probably next Sunday.

The Greymont Residents who contribute to the Greymont Residents Forum are valued too…. thank you for contributing toward clean streets, cleaned pavements, painted curbs etc. etc. AND creating a job.

Community Members who support Friends of Alberts Farm, THANK YOU.
You help us to upkeep the park, to pay Robert, to control alien invasives and to conserve this beautiful green lung, for the future.

This should have been posted a few weeks ago:

“Two hours of peace and solitude, pulling out blackjacks with horrible black seeds Millions of them.  I upended them into black bags, trying so hard to minimise seeds landing on the earth.  I felt so good about preventing thousands of new plants coming up in Spring.  This must be the best therapy around. And it is free!  I remember way back, when I first came to live here, how bad it was.  80% of the park was hostile and inaccessible.  It seems like such a thankless task, but when you remember how bad it was you realise how much progress has been make.”

And here is another one:

“What was supposed to be a half hour walk, became a 2 hour phenomenal experience.  There was an invader in one of the Blue Gums.  I could not see what it was, but it was large and black and brown.  At least three times the size of our resident Goshawks, who were relentless in their efforts to let the stranger know that he or she was not welcome here.  A fascinating power play.  The Goshawks won.
What a blessing this park is.  One forgets that we are in a city.”

We live in the most incredible community.  THANK YOU each and every one of you.

Friends of Alberts Farm Conservancy:

Chairman – Julie Gouws – 079 898 2845
Secretary – Ros Maree – 082 415 7546
The rest – Nina – 083 583 5383

Friends of Alberts Farm Bank Details:

Friends of Alberts Farm Conservancy
First National Bank, Cresta
Branch code – 254905
Account number – 62599447656

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