The Boys Brigade of Eldorado Park Parade through Greymont


The Boys Brigade of South Africa is celebrating their 125th year in existence on 2 to 5 October 2014 in Cape Town.

The 2nd Eldorado Park Company was established as means of providing a positive alternative to the youth in the area and also to prevent the children from taking part in illegal activities and drugs. They are parading though various suburbs to try get the boys to the Cape Town event. They are currently 46 Boys with 11 officers.

They primarily need help with:

  1. Transport for Johannesburg to Cape Town and back.
  2. Musical instruments 9 trumpets, 6 trombones and 3 saxophones
  3. T-shirts and caps
  4. Tracksuits

We do have instruments but it is more than 10 years old and some of them are damaged and broken.

Please send and help to Capt Troy Meyer via email:

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