Spring Fair

Alberts Farm Spring Fair!!!

Diarise Saturday, 29th of August to be at Alberts Farm. Now in its 10th year, and scheduled to begin immediately after the weekly parkrun, this years visitors to the Spring Fair will be able to enjoy a festive day aimed at bringing the community together as well as family oriented fun and activity. Bring the
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Brenda Garth-Davis – parkrun Profile

Brenda is simply put, just plain awesome, she is the lady who comes really early (yes, when it’s even colder than when you come) and does the run before everyone else even arrives so she can take stunning photo’s of all us when we run our beloved parkrun. She is the one who posts all
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Mike Tippet – parkrun Run Director Profile

As an initiative to promote the awesome volunteers and great people of the community within our parkrun we will be doing profiles from time to time. As it it is fitting the first one up is the guy who started our parkrun, our beloved Mike Tippett, here is his story: The reason I started Albert’s
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