Story Time 13-01-2017

I am back! There was apparently a holiday somewhere?? Who knows, it does not feel like it at all, but back into the swing of things as of Monday 9 January. This last week has flown by with my temporary staff while standing in for Robert while he is still on leave and will be helping me until his return.

This week your monthly contributions have gone a long way in helping make Greymont better! Lots of work has taken place and the streets are looking better after the rains, and the grass growing like crazy on the pavements. Roads, where stones have collected and scattered all over the place have been swept and cleaned up, curb stones and pavement edges trimmed and tidied up in 11th Str, 12th Str, 13th Str, 14th Str, 15th Str, 6th Rd West and 5th Rd. Grass verges along the top section of 6th Rd West was cut and weeded too. The pothole caused by the repair of the burst pipe at the intersection of 13th Str and 5th Rd has been temporarily filled with stones to prevent any damage to resident tyres. I also got the guys to pick up some garden refuse bags and put them into the yellow skip bin in the cul-de-sac of 13th Str. Thank you to the resident for the little space we took up in your skip.

I cannot iterate enough how important your monthly contributions are!

The Greymont residents, who are paying monthly subs, thank you. Contribution money is spent on a good cause in keeping Greymont as good as it is and we as the Executive Committee strive to make it better than it was before. Residents who do not contribute, please can you consider contributing to the Greymont Residents Forum and help make Greymont even better!
The banking details to help make Greymont you home better is here.

This week the Forum reported illegal dumping in West Str; Requests to the Pikitup Team where sent through and was duly collected and removed by the Waterval Depot.

Please remember that the “Greymont Grin and Gripe” WhatsApp group is available to join, there is no policing and time restraints there, but common courtesy of course applies.

The GRF Notices and Reporting WhatsApp group for contributing members where only reporting and notices are made to and from the Executive Committee are allowed, no thanks, thank you and general chitchat is allowed there.

Let me know if any of you wish to join any of the groups?



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