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The following is written by  Clive Maher who heads up the Roosevelt Park Security initiative, which has been very successful in curbing crime in their suburb with the partnership of SCP. I asked for him and our beloved Valerie of SCC (aka SCP) to discuss with our residents who are interested in starting up a Greymont Watch. I think we can all agree it would be a great idea for making our suburb that much safer. The Greymont Residents Forum is going to try push this initiative, we might go for a different structure but I think this is great advice and a good guide to moving forward.

I have removed some of the info, such as private cell phone numbers of those residents who help this initiative in Roosevelt Park however if you want to contact them just email me and I’ll send it forward.

What the Roosevelt Park Security initiative is all about and how it works, I have drafted a brief explanation…

The majority residents of Roosevelt Park have embarked on a single solution backed up by 4 fail proof systems that have so far proven amazing results, let me explain:

  • We have chosen SCP (Suburban Crime Prevention) as our security response company who have put in a tremendous amount of effort and resources into securing our area. They have provided us a Dedicated Roosevelt Park Vehicle with a 2-way Radio-Link for our initiative. They have given us a “month to Month” offer of R440.00 per month and R330.00 per month for pensioners, No contract, no sign up fees, no radio fees. It’s being kept very simple. This is for alarm monitoring, armed reaction, escorts and 24 hr patrols.
  • We have a WhatsApp group run by Aris on a dedicated Roosevelt park server. Aris lives in Denys Reitz rd. and we currently have just over 400 residents on this platform. This group has become so popular that Montgomery park has now approached us to take over theirs and run it on our server separately for them as well. Our WhatsApp group icon is “Yellow” and is called “Roosevelt Park EMERGENCY”, Please keep in mind this platform is ONLY for emergencies and NO chit-chat/comments/opinions/religion/jokes/race/gratitude’s or any emoticons is allowed, it is for Emergencies and Important updates ONLY!.
  • We have a 2-way Radio system controlled by Luke Strugnell who lives in Eugene Marais Street. This device is a once of cost of R850.00, R100 per year for your license fee to cover our repeater/ICASA, there are no extra costs. This radio links you to around 100 Roosevelt park residents as well as the SCP Control Room and SCP Vehicle 24-hrs a day at the click of the button, it’s an “instant-live” voice message. This 2-way radio system has been very effective and is there to help you or allow you to help others around you. This radio system works over a very long distance and covers most of JHB. There is a radio check once a week on a Sunday evening at 19:00, handled by Kyle Sutherland.
  • We also have regular street patrols throughout the day and night by the RESIDENTS which is controlled by Jeff Fletcher living in Denys Reitz Rd. These patrols are done in your own time at your own free will. You are requested to notify the SCP control room via your handheld radio when you are going on duty and off duty.

These are the 4 systems currently in place……….Now how do they all link together?

SCP monitor and patrol the area 24 hrs a day, Our WhatsApp group and 2-way radio system is monitored by the SCP control room officer 24 Hrs a day as well as by 2 of their senior managers who are on the road in vehicles. The resident street watch are in constant contact with the Whatsapp group and 2-way radio system monitored by SCP. Lastly SCP have three 2-way radios in their possession 24-hrs a day as well, 1 in the control room and 2 in the patrol cars. I.e. you are able to talk directly to SCP control room or a vehicle 24 hrs a day either by WhatsApp or by “Walkie Talkie”

No other security company currently offers this system or this initiative at R440.00(Ex-Vat) per month.

Please also note we have a Facebook page called “I love Roosevelt Park” a platform used to Sell, Advertise and put up important notices and or events happening in Roosevelt Park.

Regards Clive Maher

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