Service Excellence Awarded To Citypower Hursthill Depot


The Greymont Residents Forum has the great pleasure in awarding CITYPOWER HURSTHILL DEPOT with the “Service Excellence Award” in giving exemplary service especially to the Forum and to Greymont our suburb.

This award is given to the management and staff of Citypower in having displayed ongoing excellence in service to Greymont, in the following ways:


When we first formed the Greymont Residents Forum the street lighting in Greymont was poor and the suburb badly lit. We embarked on a project with Citypower Hursthill to increase and better the street lighting. We thank Citypower Hursthill depot for committing to this huge project which was both costly and time consuming.

Today we can proudly say that Greymont has excellent street lighting which visitors to our suburb always comment on. One of the benefits of street lights all working is that it has drastically reduced the crime rate in the suburb.

I would particularly want to thank the various Depot Managers as well as John McWillliam for organising this project and always ensuring when street lights are not working that they are fixed within 48 hours. Without him, Greymont would not be looking so well lit!

I would also like to thank the contractor Frans and his team for physically putting up the lighting which spanned many months and which took a lot of hard work and dedication.

We also thank Rob Thompson, a resident of Greymont who is also employed by CityPower at Hursthill, who always acted as a go-between ensuring the project was implemented and done efficiently.

2. John Mcwilliam has been a pleasure to work with. His professionalism, efficiency and excellent communication with the Forum must be applauded. As stated, he attends to the lights not working immediately and communicates with us directly via emails.

He truly is an asset to Citypower!

The staff at Hursthill Depot exhibit excellence in service delivery and are a model that all connected to the City Of Joburg should try to emulate.

It is with great pleasure and honour that we hand over this award on behalf of the Greymont Residents Forum to Rakefa Makgoro the Manager of Hursthill Depot.


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