Secretary Position Description

Good Morning once again!

As mentioned in my request to you yesterday we are focussing our attention on the 3 vacancies currently that needs filling on our Executive. We are thus going to email you out once a week a detailed duties and description of each portfolio, starting with the Secretary position this week. Next week will be the Treasurer’s position and the week thereafter will be the Maintenance portfolio. Please keep in mind that to serve on the Executive would require the person to be a regular/monthly contributor of paying financial subs to the Forum.

For all positions that will be filled there are 2 main arms to this Executive position that needs to be kept in mind:

  1. All the duties, requirements and tasks of the specific portfolio – to be held for 1 year until the following AGM. We would expect a full commitment to what is contained in this position description. ( SEE BELOW)
  2. As an Executive member you would have to be dedicated, interested and passionate in serving the community of Greymont and would participate with other Executive members as part of the management committee taking joint decisions regarding the betterment of Greymont.


  1. If you agree with the above 2 points then you qualify to put your name forward.
  2. No secretarial experience is needed to fulfil these duties.


  1. To be present at every Quarterly, Executive and AGM meetings.
  2. To take accurate minutes of the 3 quarterly meetings and the AGM that the Forum has annually.
  3. To take accurate minutes of the 4 Executive meetings held annually.
  4. Once the minutes are completed (within7 days) then email the other Executive members for any changes that might be necessary.
  5. Once adopted by Executive, the minutes will be emailed to the residents by the Chairperson and will also be put on our website by our webmaster.
  6. All minutes and other correspondence need to be filed and kept safe by the secretary.
  7. The booking of the venue for our meetings needs to be done and confirmed by the Secretary.
  8. Other secretarial duties that might include drawing up of specific memos and documents for official purposes could be required.
  9. All practical and comprehensive information will be given for the smooth running of the portfolio before taking up these above duties.


  1. When Executive members give reports to the quarterly meetings they are encouraged to use a hard copy and email it to you before the meeting to help facilitate ‘minute’ accuracy. It will also help you to compose minutes quicker. If this is done then minute taking will only include comments, questions and suggestions from the floor.
  2. Composing the minutes using the emailed reports with inputs from meeting should not take you more than 2 hours to compile and to circulate the minutes.

If further information is required, please don’t hesitate to contact me. We would encourage everyone that is able to volunteer themselves for this position to do so or alternatively volunteer others for this position of Secretary. We would prefer to get too many offers than too few!!

Please email me directly to nominate yourself after giving the above information your serious attention. Many thanks, I await your confirmation.

Kind Regards
Clive Patrick Malherbe   (Founding Member & Acting-Chairperson)
Greymont Residents Forum

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