The last few days of the month February were relatively quiet, so not much to report there. There was a lower incident rate in March though, in part because we put an extra vehicle on the road. The total number of SCP vehicles permanently on the road is now 4, where Montgomery and Roosevelt Park have dedicated patrol and response cars for their  area.  On top of that there is now a roving supervisor for all areas.

The successes this month as follows:

  • 4th of MAR Stolen car, black Mazda6, reg. BZ80XJ-GP from Pretoria, recovered in Albertsville cnr Plein & Twist street, Albertsville. Had been parked there for several hours and it raised suspicion. When phoned, SAP was there in minutes and stood down there until the break-down vehicle arrived. Thanks SAP. Well done.
  • 5th of MAR A domestic stole R. 24.700 from her employer. Our officers made the arrest and all the money was retrieved.
  • 19th of MAR During the night a drain- or pipe cleaner was recovered in John Adamson. The perpetrator noticed our vehicle and decided to jog-out of the area leaving the cleaner behind. You may think: Hmm.. a cleaner? Yes, a R 50K cleaner. We will keep it in our yard for 6 months. If the rightful owner arrives he can take it, otherwise we start a new business.

There have been other incidents as well where with some of them we have not been successful (yet) to catch the perpetrators or we just assisted where necessary. In 98% (97,7% in fact) of all cases we were at the scene within 3 to 4 minutes disturbing their act so they got away with next to nothing but still in most cases there is damage to property, and they go through cupboards and drawers which can be very traumatic, especially for women. Believe me ladies, we do everything in our power to get to your house in time to prevent that from happening.

  • 5th of MAR Attempted robbery in Montgomery Park. Although a non- client, we were there within a few minutes as a neighbour alerted us about what was happening.
  • 6th of MAR Stabbing in Newlands. The ‘victim’ stabbed 3 people that day. They (whoever) got hold of him, and he and his niece got stabbed as well. He was out on parole…We were there to  prevent worse things about to happen.March
  • 7TH of MAR During the power outage a gate stolen by 3 c/males in Waterval street, Newlands.
  • 20TH of MAR Busy night. A scream was heard in Meyer street so the PW2 vehicle stopped to investigate. A bunch of ‘dronkies’ decided to cream-up their party with a fight, swore and hit Philile. Mistake. Philile’s private time is all about kick- boxing and she had her field day. Piet and Val arrived and they wanted to climb into Piet. Mistake again. By that time we were all  there with the SAP and it calmed down.
  • 20TH of MAR Some members of the Crime Watch brothers in Montgomery decided to follow our patrol car at around 03:50AM at night and attempting to make photographs of our officers. We do not know what hidden agenda they have but it seems they are in the process of dividing Montgomery residents with scare tactics and inventing crime that does not exist. The SAP has been informed.
  • 21st of MAR A man was found dead near the site of the old Newlands dump. He was shot with a small calibre weapon.
  • 23d of MAR The illegal dump truck is back in town (see Feb Newsletter). It managed to dump in Waterval Estate. We arrived just to late. Anybody seeing such a truck driving around in our area, please contact us. We promise this time it won’t reach Linden.
  • 23d of MAR Upon a panic signal and a call that an armed robbery was in progress in Waterval, three males under influence accosted our reaction officers after we got them out of the fists of a man in a 4×4 vehicle. This ended in a brawl and the three were temporary restrained until the police arrived.
  • 25th of MAR Pig on the loose at Montgomery Park. We managed to catch it and return it to the owner.
  • 26th of MAR Early in the morning, a resident of Montgomery Park was assaulted by a group of vigilantes whilst walking home. SAP is taking this very serious as they launched an investigation.


Further to Crime Watch activities in our areas: A Crime Watch group should be eyes, ears, and if necessary, support only when asked to assist. If they want to stop people on foot, or motorcars, they can only do so if there is a very valid lawful reason to do so, ie. Crime In Progress. So stopping pedestrians or pulling innocent people off bicycles and assaulting them is no such reason and unlawful. Crime Watch members are neither police- nor security officers. We strongly advise to refrain from such vigilante actions because one day… realise that if one member loses his cool and injures or kills somebody, the whole lot standing around will be in the dock.

We warn Crime Watch groups that if there is interference or hindrance from them at any of our clients’ properties whilst SCP is doing an investigation, or stopping a crime in progress, or preparing a crime scene for SAP detectives, SCP will lodge a formal criminal charge at SAP Sophiatown.

Finally we would also advise all Crime Watch members to report to the Sophiatown police station for profiling. This way all of us are operating above board and adhering to the Law and SAP will give all of us the thumbs up.

Some residents in Greymont are making serious attempts to copy the Roosevelt Park initiative. We applaud that, as their method is a successful one. Some reactions in the Greymont area were rather negative though, like:

Why should we do the work for SCP? They get paid to clean-up our area of criminals!”

Well, we are not asking the community to do the dirty work for us. If there is a situation that involves theft or robbery or the attempt thereof, SCP will clean it up. That is what our staff was trained for. We will never ask the  public to assist or fix the problem. The initiative is just there to give us extra eyes, to be in direct contact with us, get the residents closer to each other, and to give a stern warning to criminals to leave the area alone. Do not forget, that SCP is basically a registered security company looking after client’s property and personal safety when needed.

We are not the police yet we are prepared, within the boundaries of the Law, to act like one by taking care of safety in the whole area and stop crime before it hits us. Attend one of the CPF meetings at Montgomery Park and listen to the endless crime incidents in Sector 2 and 3, EXCEPT for Roosevelt Park where the incidents can be counted on one hand. It could even be a hand with 2 or 3 fingers only!

Meanwhile, Greymont, Albertsville and Albertkroon have already established their Whatsapp networks and the following is now in place:

Roosevelt-Park-Crime-WatchGreymont-Crime-Watch Montgomery-Park-Crime-Watch Albertville-Crime-Watch

Messages on these groups are EMERGENCIES only.

  1. These groups are linked together via the Server and pick-up on select “keywords” in the event of an emergency. These intelligent “keywords” then force the message to be replicated across all area groups so as to ensure the emergency alerts everybody including the other area groups.
  2. In the background the groups are linked to key people/persons within the Police, Fire, Ambulance and Tow Truck (help24) so as to ensure we get the correct necessary assistance
  3. SCP control room and Reaction Managers monitor these groups 24 hrs a day. There is a big screen in the control room dedicated to the web application so as to ensure a quick
  4. SCP wants to make it very clear that you do NOT need to be a client to be on this system. Whether you’re a client or not, this application is to benefit the community and for SCP to help where possible.

To get onto one of these groups contact one of the following numbers applicable to the area in which you live:

  • Roosevelt Park: Clive. Send SMS to 073 1955818
  • Greymont: Elizabeth. Send WhatsApp to 079 4885047
  • Montgomery Park: Belinda. Send SMS to 071 4715411
  • Albertville and Albertskroon: Linda. Send SMS to 072 6824498

With the following details:

  1. Name and surname
  2. Full street address
  3. Your cell phone number
  4. Email Address

and you’ll be on.

So go for it. Club together and get this initiative rolling out further.


If you have a party and there is not sufficient safe parking space inside the property; call your security company for a guard for the hours that you have that party. It may cost you some money but you can club together and at least the party will have a happy ending.

Once PikitUp has collected the rubbish bins (I should rephrase this in “In the unlikely event PikitUp has collected…”), take your bin inside the yard the same day. Too often we see empty bins at night in the street and you increase the chance that they disappear or worse… Let us not give criminals a reason to inspect or scan our streets. A numbered bin in the  street at night after collection is an indication that the owner may not be at home. If necessary, arrange with a neighbour to take it in for you if you are not at home.

If you feel that you need advice, technical assistance, or any other help to make your home and loved ones safer, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


Debit orders still fail but there is a vast improvement. It is returned as non payment and we get fined R.18,00. These monies cannot be retrieved. Please make sure there are sufficient funds in your account to allow for the debit orders? Too often we have to contact clients to rectify or do an EFT instead. But the R.18,00 is gone. As from this month we have to add this penalty to your account for the next month.


We have come to that point. Regrettably, unfortunate, and also unavoidable. As from April 2016, we have to charge the VAT. We knew it was coming one of these months so we already decided not to increase the base amount for 2016 as not to shock everybody and avoid frantic 10111 type calls. We will try on Tuesday next week to delay this for one month so we can inform everybody as we received the registration document quite late in March but… If you see an extra 14% coming off: that is the VAT.


If there is a false alarm, please phone the car or the control room. We are speeding to get to your premises and there are risks attached to that. Let’s take these unnecessary risks away? Tel. 011-4771222 (control room) or 079-3824199 (patrol vehicle). 

Operation HYDRATE

To donate fresh drinking water to drought stricken areas in South Africa, was a tremendous success. SCP donated 800 litres for this fantastic initiative.


Other than that we wish you all a Happy April 2016. Keep ‘em peeled. 

The team of SCP’s Suburban Community Policing. The ones who care.


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