Referring back to the shoot-out end May in Montgomery Park with members of the Blue Golf Gang: Sad part of the story is that the cyclist succumbed to his injuries. More and more people in the neighbourhood have come forward who were allegedly ‘disenfranchised’ by the gang. If you know more about them please come forward as we do not ever want them back in the area. But there are more Blue Golfs roaming. You see a very dark blue one driving slowly; contact us, please? We have a welcoming committee for them.

The successes this month as follows:

1st of June. Thiefs Armed robbery at a bottle store in Greymont. Four of them helped themselves and fled upon our arrival. Booze and monies. One of these characters had one of our guys on his heels. He didn’t like that, turned around and pointed a firearm. I am afraid we have to change our tactics hunting down these elements. Expect more drama. The following evening in Newlands, a jacket and firearm were found which was identified by us as the one used in the robbery. Should anybody be so ‘fortunate’ to see any of these gentlemen, please give us a call? Please do not approach them. Phoning 011-4771222 will be the better option.

2nd of June. GraffittiSome people find it necessary to deface walls in the area. We don’t accept that. This is thousands of Rands damage to property   depending on whether it can be washed off or not. SCP is offering a R4000 cash reward for a statement from the first person who comes forward with the information on the graffiti that has been  sprayed on residents walls between the 1st and 2nd June 2016 in and around Roosevelt Park, JHB, which will lead to the arrest of the culprits. Please check your CCTV recorder for any footage of the suspects if you live in the area. Please contact Valerie on 079-1390527 or the SCP control room on 011-4771222. All information will be kept confidential and the name of the person reporting the hooligans will also be kept confidential.

3rd of June. We get a call. House breaking in a yard in Albertskroon. We go there, contact SAP Sophiatown, and we quietly wait around street corners and do property searches. A dark blue Golf arrives with 3 black guys in it. They poep themselves when they see all these flashing lights, make a quick u-turn, and speed away with SAP and SCP in pursuit. One of them decided to duck out of the Golf in Long Street and was quickly arrested. The Golf got away. Unfortunately, the house breaker in Albertskroon didn’t wait for our return and also disappeared. Thanks SAP Sophiatown for the excellent professional response and the community members who phoned us and assisted. Sadly no pics here as it was all over in a whiff of stink.

3rd of June.  Toyota hi-jacked in Randburg and retrieved by the SAP and Rapid Response in Albertville. Two men arrested. No further details and only 1 pic below, as more of that may influence the case against them and we want them to sit.


4th of June. The Silver Mercedes gang was arrested today by the Sophiatown SAP and Flying Squad. Earlier today the gang got hold of a house in Waterval Estate and Northcliff. Well done SAP. They have been a menace in our area for quite a while. Now they can rob other inmates and see what happens.

5th of June. House robbery Albertskroon. Occupant at home. Took TV and laptop. No panic button used. You’ve got to hear this happening? SAP Sophiatown on the spot took info on footprints.

6th of June. Apparently there was a house break/robbery in Thomas Pringle, Montgomery Park on the afternoon of the 6th, and some non-clients asked why SCP did not do anything when a community member driving a white Toyota Corolla told them something wasn’t right at the house in question. We wish to convey the following to avoid any further finger pointing: Two  SCP vehicles responded to the house in conjunction with the community member. Our officers did a thorough perimeter check and found nothing suspicious even though it was NOT an SCP client. Once this was completed our officers refused to jump over the wall of a non-client as we do not have permission from the owner to do so and it is not our client.

Shortly thereafter our officers got an alarm activation signal from a client and duly withdrew and responded, as our clients are our first priority.

Please folks, do not believe SCP will put a non-client ahead of a client. We will do what we can to help and assist all of the community but in instances of gaining entry to a non-client property without consent; we will not allow our reaction officers to do so unless either the owner or the police permit us to do so in their presence. We hope this has cleared up any misconceptions.

7th of June. HelicopterAttempted burglary/robbery in Montgomery Park. Scum was spotted by SCP after they had lifted the gate and stole some outside beams, and fled by car. Two of them fled into the vlei with our officers going after them. But after they pointed a gun at our officers we felt it was time to request a police helicopter and dog unit. Alas, they got away but much appreciation for the SAP Airwing, METRO Task Force, dog unit, SAP Sophiatown, and not to forget, our own community members.

8th of June.dump Truck Two dump trucks caught by SCP. Ended up in a bit of a fracas but they were fined R1000 each by METRO. One of the drivers was told by a community member ‘to dump in the veld across Delfi motors’ but he could not say who it was. We are not taking their nonsense and if necessary we’ll shoot their tyres will take lawful action against them. Our area is a place we live in and are proud of, so dump your rubbish in a designated dump area.

Well done METRO. This must stop. Just now the area looks like a Middle East war zone.

8th of June. A cell phone thief who robbed a 14-year-old boy from a Roosevelt school at knife point was caught in Albertville. The culprit is a real hero and we spent some time interviewing him. Very entertaining, as we also found a spanner size to steal gate motors and various other equipment which was not used in a manner it was intended for.

As we are on Albertville; a stash of computer consumables was found by our patrollers in the bushes. Brand spanking new printer cartridges, still packed etc. The person who feels this was stolen from his house/office can come to the SCP office to identify it as it doesn’t fit our own printers.


The New Initiative

SCP wants to roll the initiative below. We will come up with all sorts of ideas to get the crime levels in our area to ZERO.

SCP would like to suggest a guard in certain sections of our area. We are looking at a pilot project. For now, either in Upper-Greymont or Easttown. Of course there are costs involved but we will make an attempt to absorb these as much as we can within the framework we have going and if the participation is like overwhelming, we may have something to work with. Those who are interested in a discussion, throwing ideas around, please contact us? I am looking at participation in principle. Expenses can be discussed later. We had some nice responses but need more support. Please contact Valerie at 011-4771222 or e-mail to

We had some very positive responses on the above but need more.


  • Switch your alarm on when you are the last one to leave the house. A quick trip to do some shopping is enough for criminals to help themselves and there is nothing we can do unless we see the crime taking place.
  • If your domestic is at home in your absence, instruct her properly in what to do if…
  • Once a month or so check-out your alarm system. Check the functioning of the panic button and some of your passives inside your property. Contact us before you do that but please do it? Batteries run empty or lightning may have damaged or off-set the system.
  • Electricity meter readers; check their vehicles. It should be marked. Ask for identification but contact us anyway.


For problems related to your alarm system or an upgrade thereof, please contact: 

6th Sense Security, Roy McEwan at 011-4829957 or 083 6874512


If you feel that you need advice, technical assistance, or any other help to make your home and loved ones safer, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

VALARIE KHAN  079-139-0527

PIET STRYDOM  082-509-3493

Or contact our office: 011-4771222



Our banking details are as follows: 

Suburban Control Centre Pty Ltd

Standard bank

Acc. No. 201091070

Branch Code 006105



If there is a false alarm, please phone the car or the control room. We are speeding to get to your premises and there are risks attached to that. Let’s take these unnecessary risks away?

Tel. 011-4771222 (control room) or 079-3824199 (patrol vehicle).


Established Whatsapp networks in place

Watch Groups

Messages on these groups are EMERGENCIES only.

  • These groups are linked together via the Server and pick-up on select “keywords” in the event of an emergency. These intelligent “keywords” then force the message to be replicated across all area groups so as to ensure the emergency alerts everybody including the other area groups.
  • In the background the groups are linked to key people/persons within the Police, Fire, Ambulance and Tow Truck (help24) so as to ensure we get the correct necessary assistance ASAP.
  • SCP control room and Reaction Managers monitor these groups 24 hrs a day. There is a big screen in the control room dedicated to the web application so as to ensure a quick response.
  • SCP wants to make it very clear that you do NOT need to be a client to be on this free system. Whether you’re a client or not, this application is to benefit the community and for SCP to help where possible.

To get onto one of these groups, contact one of the following numbers applicable to the area (Albertskroon falls under Albertville) in which you live:

  • Roosevelt Park: Clive. Send SMS to 073 1955818
  • NEW: Waterval Estate: Clive. Send SMS to 073 1955818
  • NEW: Northcliff: Clive. Send SMS to 073 1955818
  • Greymont: Elisabeth. Send SMS to 079 4885047
  • Montgomery Park: Bianca. Send SMS to 071 4715411
  • Albertville and Albertskroon: Linda. Send SMS to 072 6824498

With the following details:

  1. Name and surname
  2. Full street address
  3. Your cell phone number

and you’ll be on.

Also, some 120 odd two-way radios for emergencies have now been distributed in the area which links all residents who have one with each other and is monitored by the SCP Control Room 24/7. Non client or client; if you would like one, please contact Valerie at . The costs are about R. 1000 + VAT (radio belongs to you) and a R 100 license fee per annum is applicable. So go for it. Club together and get these initiatives rolling out further.

In conversation people ask us why we put “oopsie’s” on some of the photographs. Well, we are not the Sunday Newspapers. Please understand that we do not give details like names or street addresses in these newsletters as that could be a security risk to victims of crime. Photographs of criminal’s faces are not published without the “oopsie’s” covering their faces as the criminal is, technically speaking, not the criminal yet before a judge convicts him. Not that we care really, but we play the game as it could jeopardise his days in Court. And we don’t want that, do we? 

Crumbs! These newsletters are getting longer and longer. Ok, half of it is pictures but that’s what we want. Sometimes a picture tells all or so much more. But…we don’t want to overwhelm you with a novel so we decided to send it halfway this month now. So many things happen, so much action… …and we want you to be informed.

Other than that we wish you all a continued Merry June 2016.

Keep ‘em peeled.

The team of SCP’s Suburban Community Policing. The ones who care.


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