SCC Newsletter January 2016

Relatively quiet that first month of 2016. Criminal’s shopping area is slowly moving elsewhere as having 3 cars on the road instead of 2 is showing results. There were a couple of break-ins earlier this month, non-clients but also some clients who were away. Fortunately the perpetrators were disturbed by our presence and the loot was minimal. We would like to emphasize that when you go on leave it is of vital importance to let us know how long you will be away for, where you are, and who can be contacted in the event of trouble. Trouble can be an attempted burglary or continuous alarm signals or a burst water pipe for that matter. You can fill in a form at our office or simply send us an e-mail. Just make sure we get it with all the details? ( or .

  • We also had a few arrests made earlier this month. One together with the Roosevelt Park community for the (attempted) rape of a young girl by 5 people which the Northcliff Melville Times just reported as ‘an arrest by the community’. This esteemed paper should verify and specify their reports properly.
  • A worker was medically assisted and stabilised when seriously injured by a grinder at Mendelsohn Road. Thanks also to the Roosevelt park community members.
  • During the 3d week in January, a large piece of fence at the Newlands dumpsite was stolen. Intel from the community was obtained as to the whereabouts of the fence, we did our homework, contacted the police, and BINGO! It was towed to the SAP.
  • SCP’s PW2 running around Greymont, arrested one burglar at cnr. Du Preez and 10th Street, Newlands, for a burglary in lower Greymont. All the loot retrieved!! Well done.


  • Be aware of prospective home buyers. They use this pretext to gain access to your premises. Warn your domestics not to give access to anyone unless they are known to them. Also not to approach them too close to the gate. Some of these perpetrators even know your names.
  • When coming home, be aware that you are not being followed. This is the latest way the hi-jackers are operating. Keep foliage trimmed low, or bushes and trees on your pavements trimmed to shoulder height. This way there is no way for them to hide around your premises.
  • Keep distance from cars that stop and ask for directions in the streets. They rob you of wallets and cell phones. Don’t leave cars on the pavements or in front of your homes, not even for a few minutes. These guys are very fast.
  • Bins in the street make it easier for thieves to climb over walls. Please put your bins out in the morning and bring them back in before you go to bed. If you leave very early in the morning, get them ready to go but only put them out when you leave. This will also keep the recyclers from coming in the middle of the night and keeping the whole neighbourhood awake.

We as a pro-active security company want to stop things before they happen and this can only be achieved when we stand together, take note of things and report anything out of the ordinary.
If you feel that you need advice, technical assistance, or any other help to make your home safer, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.
VALARIE KHAN  079-139-0527
PIET STRYDOM  082-509-3493


Whenever a debit order fails and is returned as non payment we get fined R.18,00. These monies cannot be retrieved. Please make sure there are sufficient funds in your account to allow for the debit orders? Too often we have to contact clients to rectify or do an EFT instead. But the R.18,00 is gone. In future we have to add this penalty to your account for the next month.


If there is a false alarm, please phone the car or the control room. We are speeding to get to your premises and there are risks attached to that. Let’s take these unnecessary risks away?
Tel. 011-4771222 (control room) or 079-3824199 (patrol vehicle).


If domestic violence occurs, please phone the SAP in your area immediately. SCP will respond but only to ensure the client’s safety. We will not and cannot interfere in domestic issues whatsoever.

Check which area you are residing in and phone the appropriate police station:
SAP Sophiatown                 011-670 6398
SAP Parkview                      011-486 5000
SAP Linden                           011-449 9115
SAP Florida                          011-831 7040

Other important numbers:

Women abuse:                   0800150150
Child Line:                             0800055555
Life Line:                               011-728 1347
Drug abuse:                         011-788 0717

A final note as to why Roosevelt Park’s crime rate is so rock-bottom low

The majority residents of Roosevelt Park embarked on a single solution. They chose SCP (Suburban Crime Prevention) as their security response company as we had put in a tremendous amount of effort and resources into securing that area. We provided them a Dedicated Roosevelt Park Vehicle with a 2-way Radio-Link for their initiative.

They have a WhatsApp group run on a dedicated server and they currently have just over 400 residents on this platform. This group had become so popular that Montgomery Park also approached them to take over theirs and run it on a server separately for them as well. This platform is used ONLY for emergencies and NO chit-chat /comments /opinions /religion /jokes /race /gratitude’s or any emoticons are allowed. It is for Emergencies and Important updates ONLY!

They also have a 2-way Radio system. This device has a once-off cost of about R1000.00 + R100 per year for your license fee to cover the repeater/ICASA, and there are not any other extra costs. This radio links to over 100 Roosevelt Park/Montgomery Park residents as well as the SCP Control Room and SCP Vehicle 24-hrs a day at the click of a button; it’s an “instant-live” voice message. This 2-way radio system has been so very effective and is there to help them or allow them to help others. This radio system works over a very long distance and so covers a great part of JHB. There is a radio check once a week on a Sunday.

Should your neighbourhood have an interest in such an initiative, please contact Clive Maher in Roosevelt Park at 073 1955 818

Other than that we wish you a Happy February 2016.

Suburban Control Centre
44 Eleventh Street, Greymont 2195
Tel. 011-4771222

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