SCC Newsletter February 2016

A MONTH OF NOTE!! One that resulted in a long newsletter with a spill-over from last month.

      1. 24th of Jan Arrested house breakers in Greymont. Recovered the goods.
      2. 24th of Jan Recovered stolen razor wire (fence at the old dump in Newlands) at a house in Newlands. Police know the suspects and we did not follow up on that one. We towed the razor wire to Sophiatown police station where it was arrested and locked up in one of the cells (not kidding you).
        Thank you SAP for giving it shelter.SCP-withFence
      3. 1st of Feb Arrested drug pusher selling drugs to little kids in the Albertskroon area. Thank you Roosevelt Park and Montgomery Park residents for assisting there. He will not sell here again, and if he does he’s got no brain.
      4. 1st of Feb Cable thieves arrested in Newlands.
      5. 2nd of Feb Another drug dealer
      6. 2nd of Feb Hi-jacker arrested (Newlands). Tried to rob us of our own patrol vehicle. He won’t try that again.
      7. 4th of Feb Arrested drug
      8. 5th of Feb Foiled house break-in (Roosevelt Park) resulting in a hi- speed chase. Suspects
      9. 14th of Feb Driver of dump-truck apprehended after a hi-speed chase in Rooseveltpark/Linden. Community of Rooseveltpark got involved (for which a big thanks) as well as several other security companies. Shots were fired at the four back tyres to stop the driver who nearly killed some people whilst speeding through a red traffic light, and decided to continue driving on the wrong side of the road to evade being captured. We salute the unknown shooter who proved to be a pretty good marksman. Advice to the shooter though: don’t talk about how good you are because the police is after you as the driver of the truck complained and a docket was opened for attempted murder. Sorry but here we support the one who eventually stopped the mad man. The truck had false registration plates and was not licensed, the driver had no drivers license and could not even identify himself, and was stopped for illegal rubble dumping in- and near Roosevelt Park. They/us had been after him for months. But guess what? He’s free. Police seems to be more interested in the person firing the shots at the tyres.SCP-In ActionTruck
      10. 19th of Feb Suspect caught robbing a lady in Montgomery near West Park. Police had to let him go as she could not lay a charge…
      11. 22nd of Feb Brand spanking new Ford Everest still wrapped in plastic was recovered in Waterval Estates. The 3 perpetrators in a silver Mercedes got away.
      12. 26th of Feb Petrol attendant arrested on charges of theft from his employer. Good coordination with SAP Sophiatown. Thank you SAPS.

The above is a list of successes but not always can we be in time to stop the crime. In all cases of the crimes reported or signals received, we were there in a few minutes but sometimes we get the signals too late or the criminals did their homework and knew what to go for. There was an armed robbery at a liquor store, two attempted break-ins at Roosevelt Park and Greymont, three positive break-ins at non-clients in Albertskroon and Waterval Estate, a break-in at a client in Greymont (laptop and TV was stolen), a hi-jack in Northcliff, cable theft in Albertsville.

There are some cunning individuals doing the rounds in the area. They check- out the safety gate locks at front- and back doors and if weak enough they will attempt a break-in. The perpetrators of the attempted and positive break-ins described above all used the same method of entry. If you see a white Toyota Cressida driving around with 2 black- and 2 coloured gentlemen, please contact us? We would like to meet them for a cup of coffee…

But we had a good month arresting so many perpetrators.

Oh yes, a tree fell on a man in the Carel Venter Park in Greymont. He survived it and was submitted to hospital. Thank you public from Roosevelt Park for medically assisting all the way in Greymont.


Make sure your domestic does not let anybody in without your permission. No meter readers, Telkom, or even police. If SAP wants to enter your premises, you immediately contact SCP’s control room 011-4771222 to verify that they are indeed SAP.
We as a pro-active security company want to stop bad things before they happen and this can only be achieved when we stand together, take note of events, and report anything out of the ordinary.
If you feel that you need advice, technical assistance, or any other help to make your home and loved ones safer, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

  • VALARIE KHAN 079-139-0527
  • PIET STRYDOM 082-509-3493


Debit orders still fail but there is a vast improvement. It is returned as non payment and we get fined R.18,00. These monies cannot be retrieved. Please make sure there are sufficient funds in your account to allow for the debit orders? Too often we have to contact clients to rectify or do an EFT instead. But the R.18,00 is gone. As from the end of February we have to add this penalty to your account for the next month.


If there is a false alarm, please phone the car or the control room. We are speeding to get to your premises and there are risks attached to that. Let’s take these unnecessary risks away? Tel. 011-4771222 (control room) or 079-3824199 (patrol vehicle).

The Roosevelt Park initiative works like a dream! Well over 480 people on the Whatsapp group, well over 130 2-way radio’s distributed, and a well organised patrol group but still on a ‘patrol when you feel like it’ basis. Please contact us, people of Greymont, Albertskroon, Albertsville, Montgomery Park, Waterval Estate and East Town if you want to share in their successes and eradicate crime in our areas. Join us. Apply for access on SCP’s Crime Reports on Facebook (450 followers). Get to know your neighbours, and you’ll see how soon we can reduce the pages in this newsletter.

Other than that we wish you all a Happy March 2016. Keep ‘em peeled.

The team of SCP’s Suburban Community Policing. The ones who care.

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