Safety Tips and Precautions


Some tips from our awesome SCP Greymont-Security-Icon

We as a pro-active security company want to stop things before they happen and this can only happen when we stand together, take note of things and report anything out of the ordinary.

Be aware of prospective home buyers.
They use this pretex to gain access to your premises.

Warn your domestics not to give access to anyone unless they are known to them.
Also not to approach the strangers too close to the gate.
Some of these perpetrators even know your names.

When coming home, check that you are not being followed.
This is the latest way the hi-jackers are operating.

Keep foliage trimed low, or bushes and trees, on your pavements, trimmed to shoulder hight.
This way there is no way for them to hide around your premises.

Keep distance from cars that stop and ask for directions in the streets.
They rob you of wallets and cell phones.

Don’t leave cars on the pavements or in front of your homes, not even for a few minutes.
These guys are very fast.

If you feel that you need advice, technical assistance, or any other help to make your home safer, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.
Valarie khan 079-139-0527 valerie@scpsecurity.Co.Za
Piet strydom 082-509-3493 piet@scpsecurity.Co.Za

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