Greymont Public Works Report AKA Story Time

Shane is on our Executive committee and has done some great work, famous on the Greymont WhatsApp group for his “Story Time” posts showing the work that’s been done with our awesome Robert. Below is his report back email to the community of Greymont.

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20160301_161838 (Large)Hello People of Greymont,

It’s been 3 months since I’ve taken over the role of Public Works from Clive Malherbe, a massive pair of boots to fill indeed. They say being thrown into the deep end is the best way to learn?  Well, I can vouch for that, so far my feet are still sloshing around in the boots that Clive has handed over to me, I would like to think that I’m slowly swimming to the shallow end and getting to grips with the tasks at hand of keeping Greymont clean, picking up litter, keeping roads and pavements clean, grass cut, intersections clean, illegal advertising boards off the street poles and maintaining the Greymont Park as best we can. Oh my hat, does time fly!

20160602_142933 (Large)My right-hand man, Robert, the real rock face of the Greymont Public Works portfolio, I can honestly say without him I would be at my wits end. I started my Portfolio off with a temporary replacement for Robert while he was away for the December break, sorting out things at home before his return. On many occasions, I asked myself “What have I done?”  I must have rocks in my head! Working with someone who doesn’t quite have the gift of the gab is rather frustrating as we all know, but I persevered and two weeks flew by very quickly, and Robert was back. I have never been so happy to see someone I didn’t really know, but only heard and seen of him and the things that he does. His knowledge of the “lay of the land” is phenomenal; he knows all the hidey holes, places which I still have to learn.

Clive has played an exceptional role in getting Greymont where it is today, I have heard the stories of the past and where Greymont has come from, hair raising to say none the less.

On behalf of all the residents of Greymont, I would like to extend a sincere “Thank You” to Clive for all the hard work and time he has put into building the Greymont Residence Forum and making Greymont a wonderful suburb to reside. I can only hope that in time to come I will have Greymont in ship shape for everyone to enjoy and that these boots fit firm and snug.

Should anybody have thoughts or suggestions that they would like to make or share? Please feel free to email me and let me have your thoughts and suggestions.

My email address is

0 (1)Contributions

Without a doubt, it’s the people of Greymont that have helped the Greymont Residence Forum get to where it is today, your monthly contributions have made all the difference in achieving what we have in building Greymont into a better suburb and a safer place to live. Keeping Greymont clean costs money, every cent contributed to the Forum helps towards keeping Greymont Clean, if it’s buying petrol for the brush cutter, a new wheelbarrow, a broom, paint for the road names on the curb stones, two stroke oil for the lawn mower, and the list goes on, all these little things cost money and without your monthly contributions towards these running costs we would get nowhere!

A BIG thank you to all of you who have contributed in the past and going forward.

I would also like to take this opportunity to encourage the people of Greymont to get involved and speak to the people around you and get them involved and onto the forum as contributing members. Greymont can only get better if we all participate and work together, in saying that, keeping Greymont Clean, tidy and crime free will also help improve property values.

For those of you who don’t have the Greymont Residence Forum banking details, I have included them for you.

BRANCH CODE: 253-705
ACCOUNT NO: 62352687150

Please remember to include your name and address as a reference so we know who you are and where the funds are coming from.

Thank you.

Kind regards



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