Just Down the Road

Beautiful well maintained streets

Our own parkrun

Our Alberts Farm parkrun gets us fit while we enjoy the Joburg skyline

Our Beloved Pond

Our pond in Carel Venter park is home to many wildlife

Cyclists dream

We have a multitude of exciting routes for those on 2 wheels

Help contribute to make your neighbourhood better.

National Home Security Month and Greymont – Next week Saturday the 14th!!

NEXT WEEK!!!!!!! National Home Security Month and Greymont Where: Albert’s Farm Park When: Saturday 14 May, from 9am to 2pm Right after the parkrun next week, on the 14th, hang around Alberts Farm Find out how you can better protect your home and loved ones with smart security advice and demonstrations from Yale, SCP and
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Johannesburg communities take initiative to bolster neighbourhood security

The following article was written by a new resident to Greymont, Stuart Dickinson, who working with the Greymont Executive as well as SCP and neighbouring Security initiatives to get National Home Security Month (NHSM) launched here in South Africa. The article is posted on the official NHSM website. Please take special notice of  the announcement of
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The last few days of the month February were relatively quiet, so not much to report there. There was a lower incident rate in March though, in part because we put an extra vehicle on the road. The total number of SCP vehicles permanently on the road is now 4, where Montgomery and Roosevelt Park
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Greymont Newsletter

Hi Greymonters, We had an great meeting on the 24th of March. Where we discussed the past year and things to come. A new Executive Committee was nominated, find more details about them and their duties here. You can read the Minutes of the meeting here, it was a reasonably quick meeting but informative, so
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Comedy showing at NG Kerk

Frank Opperman (Orkney Snorkney’s Ouboet) is back with his side-splitting one-man show, “Die Klaagliedere van Ds. Tienie Benade”, in which he plays a middle-aged minister who finds himself constantly in a quandary. His flock at the Moedergemeente at the bottom end of Voortrekker Street is dwindling, the church debt is growing, and the elders –
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Final Voting Registration Weekend Countdown

2016 Local Govt Elections Next…and last registration weekend, to register for the upcoming elections, will be on the: 9th (Sat) & 10th (Sun) April from 8am to 5pm. Greymont residents to register at NG Kerk, corner 4th Str & 2nd Road, Greymont. Please bring either your barcoded ID book, ID Smart card or a Temporary
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Mark Your Calendar – 24 March 2016

Hi Greymonters, Shane & Robert have been very busy in Greymont the last few weeks, getting our parks and side-walks to looking great once more. See image below. We are planning to set up a “Greymont Watch Group”, We would like some feedback. SCC February News Letter – What have been happening in Greymont and surrounding
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Setting up Greymont Watch

The following is written by  Clive Maher who heads up the Roosevelt Park Security initiative, which has been very successful in curbing crime in their suburb with the partnership of SCP. I asked for him and our beloved Valerie of SCC (aka SCP) to discuss with our residents who are interested in starting up a Greymont Watch. I think
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A community that cares.

Beautiful Suburb

We are a gorgeous quaint suburb

Up and coming

Our little neighborhood is jumping leagues and bounds and we are very proud of our progress

Projected Value

Over the next few years our projected property value is to escalate


We have many social events coming to our area