Just Down the Road

Beautiful well maintained streets

Our own parkrun

Our Alberts Farm parkrun gets us fit while we enjoy the Joburg skyline

Our Beloved Pond

Our pond in Carel Venter park is home to many wildlife

Cyclists dream

We have a multitude of exciting routes for those on 2 wheels

Help contribute to make your neighbourhood better.

Tips to selecting your Fibre Service Provider

Tips to selecting your Fibre Service Provider

The Four secrets to look out for when choosing an ISP: Uncapped Unshapped no fair usage policy No throttling Please remember NOTHING is ever for free on the internet, ever, there is always a catch, you need to read the fine print, or ask the questions. Fibre ISPs DO throttle and DO shape fibre connections.
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Now that the Greymont VUMA fibre project is concluded, we would like to thank the community for their patience and continued support over the last few months. It has been a steady project carried out by the VUMA civil team and we’re happy to announce that it has been a great success. We have connected
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Vuma fibre Phase 1 of Greymont update

VUMA is happy to inform you that week 1 of our road crossings has gone according to plan. All 4 have been completed, with the compaction tests and reinstatements planned to be completed by Wednesday (14/06/17). Once reinstatements to these road crossings have been completed, we’ll receive the final permissions for the outstanding crossings. Stay
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The Jungle Gym Is As Good As New

THANK YOU JACO!!!  I am sure that every parent who brings their children to play on the the Jungle Gym will be most grateful to you for making it safe and sound for all the little ones. Jaco’s philosophy is simple… “we use it, we must maintain it.” We value you. Joan and Clyde continue
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Greymont Update – May/june 2017

Good Afternoon Greymonter It has been some time since we have communicated with you. The work nevertheless continues unabated with Mike doing such a wonderful job. The main work we have done over the last month: Picking up litter in our streets and Park on a daily basis. Raking up leaves around our Pond and
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Vumatel fibre update – Greymont

The Following is from Vuma regarding Fibre in Greymont We have received a number of queries regarding fibre ready dates in phases 1 & 4. We would like to clarify the reason for the delay and the plan going forward. To get these phases live we are required to complete 9 road crossings within the
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📌 SCP Invites Greymont Residents 📌

With the spike in crime in our beloved Greymont, the awesome SCP team who are themselves residents of Greymont have kindly invited all residents to their offices to discuss and find out how to be more secure. Date: Friday, 19th May Time: 7pm Where: SCP Offices 44, 11th Street, Greymont Discussion Points: – Security tips and
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House Numbers On Driveway Curbs

Good Morning fellow resident of Greymont We as the Greymont Residents Forum are offering to paint your house number on your driveway curb. We embarked on this project a few years ago and many of the numbers need to be re-done due to the weather effect as well as Vumatel digging up pavements.  Every house
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A community that cares.

Beautiful Suburb

We are a gorgeous quaint suburb

Up and coming

Our little neighborhood is jumping leagues and bounds and we are very proud of our progress

Projected Value

Over the next few years our projected property value is to escalate


We have many social events coming to our area