Just Down the Road

Beautiful well maintained streets

Our own parkrun

Our Alberts Farm parkrun gets us fit while we enjoy the Joburg skyline

Our Beloved Pond

Our pond in Carel Venter park is home to many wildlife

Cyclists dream

We have a multitude of exciting routes for those on 2 wheels

Help contribute to make your neighbourhood better.

Mike Tippet – parkrun Run Director Profile

As an initiative to promote the awesome volunteers and great people of the community within our parkrun we will be doing profiles from time to time. As it it is fitting the first one up is the guy who started our parkrun, our beloved Mike Tippett, here is his story: The reason I started Albert’s
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Be with the Tree’s on Mandela Day

We will meet on Saturday at 3.30 in the Albert’s Farm parking area at 6th road entrance. The purpose is to record the co-ordinates, size and number of the invasive trees. Anyone is welcome to help, just for an hour or two. Wear old clothes and takkies due to the ash, and bring a plastic
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Residents Meeting on Tuesday

Good evening everyone! We would just like to remind you all of our residents meeting on Tuesday evening at 6pm at the NG Kerk. Please can everybody make an effort to be there, even if you arrive a little late. We will start with usual updates followed by a floor discussion on whatever you as residents
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House Numbers On Your Driveway Curb

Hi Greymonter! It would be a great idea once again to offer the service of the Greymont Residents Forum to paint or re-paint your house number on your driveway curb. If you have not got your number painted yet and would like us to do it or to re-do it (if it is faded), well
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Lets get High speed internet to Greymont, Lets get Fibre to our home

Fibre is so much faster (up x 250 times) than the average broadband speed we are used to in South Africa. Simply put – it is the future. It is more stable and reliable than anything else out there. It future-proofs your home and supports a host of new services. With a fibre connection you can: Download
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Would you like the new Gas Pipeline to come to us?

With Eskom being ever more dependable and everyone making sure they have a gas tank not for camping but for having a back up to cook the idea of having a gas line is becoming more inviting. There is currently an initiative to do just that, and we in Greymont can also apply to have
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Fun Youth Day with Legacy Foundation

  On Youth Day the team from Legacy Foundation had a fun day in Albert’s Farm with a picnic and a fun run parkrun as well as some delicious boerewors rolls and coffee from Mi Casa Coffee. The day was a great success with families and kids having an awesome time in the sun, thankfully the day
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No meeting this evening

Good morning Greymonters Hope that you are all keeping warm as winter has suddenly announced itself. We did not want to pull you out of your cosy environments tonight for our meeting. Instead, I would like all of you to think of what can be brought up and discussed in the next meeting to improve
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A community that cares.

Beautiful Suburb

We are a gorgeous quaint suburb

Up and coming

Our little neighborhood is jumping leagues and bounds and we are very proud of our progress

Projected Value

Over the next few years our projected property value is to escalate


We have many social events coming to our area