Just Down the Road

Beautiful well maintained streets

Our own parkrun

Our Alberts Farm parkrun gets us fit while we enjoy the Joburg skyline

Our Beloved Pond

Our pond in Carel Venter park is home to many wildlife

Cyclists dream

We have a multitude of exciting routes for those on 2 wheels

Help contribute to make your neighbourhood better.

Buy supper at Greymont NG Church’s Road Café on Friday 18 September

Greymont NG Church (just off Albert’s Farm in 2nd Rd) will be having its first Road Café for the season on Friday 18 September. Sales will start at 18:00. The road café will be held outside the church if the weather permits. The braai will start at about 4 and the hamburgers etc made outside.
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Spring Fair 2015 – was great fun!

Greymont community came out in style on Saturday with the awesome Alberts Farm Spring Fair, which was agreed by all to be the best ever in it’s decade history. Kids laughed while riding ponies and bouncing around in the Jumping Castle, those of us not allowed on the jumping castle due to being “to big/old”
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Alberts Farm parkrun 1st Anniversary

Can you believe our awesome Alberts Farm parkrun has been with us for only a year, feels like it has been part of our lives forever! We are celebrating our 1st Anniversary run on Saturday the 15th August 2015 yes, that’s this Saturday! with an epic Anniversary run that will have our runners go backwards…. relax, relax,
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Michael van Olphen

Good evening Folks

Good evening Folks Great news! Carel Venter Park is now officially our “Greymont Park“! Many thanks to Clive who has made this possible with his persistence. On another note, I would like to thank Di, who has been on the executive committee since inception but has had to step down for personal reasons. We thank
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Carel Venter Name Change To Greymont Park – Now Has Officially Been Approved.

After a lengthy process that started in April last year, with a lengthy public participation process (Petition, emails, social media, local media, local Councillor) and submitting all relevant documents and motivations, we have finally received confirmation yesterday that The City of Johannesburg has approved the name change which we requested. Namely; The Carel Venter Park
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Full Moon Picnic on Friday

Every Full Moon Night… just for the fun of it. This time it is a BLUE MOON… two full moons in one month!!! WHERE: 6th Road West, intersection 10th Street, Greymont. Behind the Jungle Gym. BRING: Easy to share picnic food, lots to drink, a chair, lots of wood for a roaring fire. Please dresss
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Spring Fair

Alberts Farm Spring Fair!!!

Diarise Saturday, 29th of August to be at Alberts Farm. Now in its 10th year, and scheduled to begin immediately after the weekly parkrun, this years visitors to the Spring Fair will be able to enjoy a festive day aimed at bringing the community together as well as family oriented fun and activity. Bring the
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Brenda Garth-Davis – parkrun Profile

Brenda is simply put, just plain awesome, she is the lady who comes really early (yes, when it’s even colder than when you come) and does the run before everyone else even arrives so she can take stunning photo’s of all us when we run our beloved parkrun. She is the one who posts all
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A community that cares.

Beautiful Suburb

We are a gorgeous quaint suburb

Up and coming

Our little neighborhood is jumping leagues and bounds and we are very proud of our progress

Projected Value

Over the next few years our projected property value is to escalate


We have many social events coming to our area