Outcomes Of The Questionnaire/ Survey


  1. More than 280 questionnaires/ surveys were sent out via email.
  2. Received 46 filled in questionnaires/ surveys back which provides the basis of the below analysis and outcomes (16.5% returns).
  3. Some outcomes do not reflect an accurate picture as quite a few respondents do not have access to social media- yet scored them.
  4. Some respondents did not fill in every question hence the disparity regarding total responses overall.


  1. The top priority / need of residents is ensuring our suburb is well maintained and tidy – by Robert and/or by relevant departments.
  2. Second to the above is the need for more information on security matters, tips and statistics of crime in our suburb.

These 2 above points presents the overwhelming majority opinion of respondents.


In looking at the importance of regular meetings, the ‘story-time’ on WhatsApp and our website all scored between – Very important to Average importance.

The importance of educational talks/info and community activities, again they both scored in the region of a 2.5 score symbolizing ‘important’ but quite a bit below the 2 top priorities.


The next section dealt with questions needing a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response.


  1. 32 Respondents indicated a willingness to be more actively involved in the community. 11 respondents indicated no to involvement. 2 needed more information.
  2. Question about being prepared to be involved in the leadership of the GRF. 41 respondents said no, 3 said yes, 1 said maybe.
  3. Contributing financially towards the Forum = 22 replied that they are and 22 replied that they do not contribute financially.
  4. On the question of ‘do you want more information about the GRF’s activities 35 said yes, 9 said no.
  5. On the question of having read the constitution of the GRF. 30 respondents said they had not read it, 9 replied that they had. Only 2 of the above figure said it need revising while 37 said it doesn’t need revising.
  6. On the question of do you need more financial information regarding the forum, 29 said no, and 15 said yes.


In terms of the GRF’s communication with the residents:

All scored highly with email and website communication higher and quarterly meetings and WhatsApp* communication following *(due to residents not having WhatsApp this could be an inaccurate figure and could have scored higher.)

Three major take-aways.

  1. How few residents are willing to get involved in leadership.
  2. How a greater majority of residents say how important the work the Robert does and yet how few residents actually pay subs as indicated by the responses on the questionnaire.
  3. The second priority which we will endeavour to meet are your needs to have more security / crime issues

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