Our brand new Greymont Residents Forum

Hi Greymonters,

From our AGM discussion with residents, we have decided to take a more ‘flat’ versus hierarchical approach to the Greymont Residents Forum leadership. What this entails is that we will no longer have specific roles and portfolios but rather spread out responsibilities and help each other where possible and as life and work dictate. This is to ensure no one person takes on too much and can transfer tasks to others when the need arises.

Some things need a specific person to oversee, such as our maintenance staff member, Mike. Clive will continue running maintenance and still pay Mike as well as handle finance; since most of our budget goes towards maintenance. The same goes with me running the website and WhatsApp groups.

The rest of the projects we do as a forum will fall to new members and subgroups of the forum. This is where the more exciting new ideas come in. We will have new Sub-Groups of volunteers who want to help out in making this suburb better but can’t sacrifice the time to take on what use to be the big portfolios.

The Organising Committee will be Clive, Catherine, Heidi, Elizabeth and myself. Our responsibility will mostly be to help facilitate the Sub Groups and support them via organising, promoting and if needed finances.

To give a sense of these Sub-Groups, an idea was raised at the meeting for a small group who would just walk over and visit the new residents in the area (as informed by our friendly real estate agents) and chat to the fresh Greymonters about our awesome suburb and tell them about our forum and what we do.

A couple of ideas came up in the meeting such a pet’s group and a group to organise social events in Greymont in order for us to get to know our neighbours better and grow our sense of community as well as to foster new ideas to make Greymont better. In addition, a fund raising group is needed to help build the funds that are always required to make most of the ideas a reality.

A big subgroup that I know many would want to support is the security group. We had a Greymont Watch for a while but it has since fizzled out a bit (I take all the blame for that as at the time I couldn’t dedicate the time it needed to keep it organised and alive). If anyone is passionate about keeping where we all live a bit safer and organising drive arounds etc, and maybe liaising with the awesome Val and her Team at SCP, please let us know.

Now this list of Sub-Groups is meant to grow and we look forward to residents’ ideas on how they would like to make Greymont better. We are here to support you, to provide guidance and advice, to facilitate communication and help in any way to assist you and all those who like your idea so that your subgroup can be successful.

This is your moment. Become a true Greymonter! Make your group count. Email us your ideas now.

Kind Regards
Martijn Vreugde

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