Hi Greymonter!

This email’s purpose is to address how we move forward as a forum AND suburb. In order to do this we need to fill in the vacancies on the Executive in 2015/2016.

The following positions need filling on the Executive:

  1. Chairperson
  2. Secretary
  3. Public Works
  4. Maintenance

Both Clive Malherbe (Chairperson) and Di Macdonald (Secretary) are not available for these positions as our Constitution limits serving in these positions for a maximum of 3 years. Changing the Constitution is not an option.

Basically, we are saying WE NEED YOU TO VOLUNTEER FOR ANY OF THE ABOVE POSITIONS and let us know via email which position you are willing to fill for a period of one year. Please read on….

If you have seen the transformation of Greymont in the last 3 years and experience and value this quality, if you feel passionate for the maintenance of standards and that by-laws are observed, if you enjoy the well kept, tidy, and clean suburb including our beautiful Parks, then you will want to put your name forward to be part of a dynamic Executive team so that Greymont can be even greater and better!

I concur with Pschyologists when they say that if something is important and of value then time will be made for it. If you value and see the importance of a well maintained Greymont, then the logical step is to volunteer yourself for one of the above positions.

If however, if no one volunteers for these positions then according to our Constitution we will have to go through a process of dissolution of the Greymont Residents Forum and we will cease to exist. This indeed will be devastating and this situation will be a direct result of residents failure to commit themselves and to value a beautiful well maintained suburb that we all call our home – Greymont!

Please do not think the following:

  • I have no time or very little time due to work commitments ( what are your values, importance?). All other Residents Associations throughout Joburg have very busy working residents filling all positions on these Executives.
  • I do not know anything about these positions or how to do this work. (A comprehensive portfolio will be given to everyone who wants to know more with the know-how, contacts and contact people. The Chairperson will introduce you to everyone you need to know and to contact and will pass on the experience on how issues are dealt with. Emailing is overwhelming the mode to get service delivery issues done.
  • Someone else will volunteer and who is more qualified. If you are an intelligent person, working or retired, all you need to have is commitment and passion to help your suburb. (I would prefer if 100 people volunteer for a position rather than none because people might procrastinate and hope someone else will volunteer.

If you feel you cannot volunteer yourself and if you know of a person who might be able to fill this position then contact them and discuss it with them. If they agree then let him/her email me please.

We have over 700 families staying in Greymont with the vast majority of residents having the basic skills to fill these above Executive positions. You are one of them! Please give this post very serious thought and discuss it with your partner or family and then let me know your response. We should be able to fill 50 Executives with excellent candidates for Greymont alone!

Next week I will send you a more detailed description of each position and what it entails. The closing date for volunteers for the positions on the Executive is on Friday 27 February 2015. Our AGM will be either on Tuesday or Wednesday (10,11th) of March depending on the load-shedding schedules. ALL POSITIONS MUST BE FILLED BEFORE THE AGM. There will be no choosing of candidates at our AGM.

I will keep you updated as the process and interest evolves. I am hopeful that the many talented, skilled and passionate residents, of which you are one, will volunteer for the good of our suburb! We are all in this together and am confident that you will email me very soon with good news!

Kind Regards

Clive P. Malherbe – Chairperson


083 969 7747


35 3rd Street Greymont


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