No meeting this evening

Photograph: G. Bowater/Corbis G.

Photograph: G. Bowater/Corbis G.

Good morning Greymonters

Hope that you are all keeping warm as winter has suddenly announced itself.

We did not want to pull you out of your cosy environments tonight for our meeting. Instead, I would like all of you to think of what can be brought up and discussed in the next meeting to improve our beautiful little suburb.

Next meeting will be Tuesday 14th of July. I will remind you again closer to the time.

In the meantime, Robert is as busy as ever. You will notice that many of the colonial poles in Carel Venter now have a new lick of paint and look very smart. Robert also continues to collect litter in around the park, mowing around the pond and areas where grass still grows during the winter months.
A number of pavements have been cleaned up and are looking like they belong in our Greymont.

Please folks, these things all cost money, so if you have anything to contribute towards the upkeep of our area, please do so.

On another note, please keep reporting problems and faults in your street, potholes, street-lights etc.

All the Best and take care.
Kind Regards


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