Mike Tippet – parkrun Run Director Profile

Mike Tippett

As an initiative to promote the awesome volunteers and great people of the community within our parkrun we will be doing profiles from time to time.

As it it is fitting the first one up is the guy who started our parkrun, our beloved Mike Tippett, here is his story:

The reason I started Albert’s Farm parkrun and I am so passionate about is, is as a result of my wife Lesley, passing away in May 2014 after 8 years of fighting cancer. All she wanted in those years was some quality of life and to be able to do some exercise and get a bit fit. We spent many hours, when we could, walking at Albert’s Farm with my grand children. She was able to do one parkrun with me in 2013 at Big Bay in Cape Town.

As I stand and watch the event most Saturdays, and Albert’s Farm parkrun is now nearing its 1st anniversary, I have seen so many people have the opportunity to have some quality of life and new motivation in terms of “lifestyle.” I have seen success stories of folk who have started running/walking for the first time in their lives. I believe it has brought families together, I see new friendships being made, I see a community of people sharing a common purpose and goal! This means more to me than anything else I would want or ever could have imagined! It is a constant reminder to me that life can be taken from us so quickly and we could have missed so many opportunities! We have to make the most of every second of our lives!

In the past year I have achieved my 50 red shirt as well as seen my daughters, Leeat and Ronit actively involved. Jp has become an integral part of Albert’s Farm parkrun and Adam, Joshua and Talia all take part in the parkrun.

With the core team of Run Directors and volunteers that now run the event, I have every bit of confidence that the event will go from strength to strength and that the core values and purpose, that I have strived to share and instil, remain central to Albert’s Farm parkrun.

Mike Tippett

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