Jam packed news: Meetings, Carols, road paintings and more

Hi Greymonters,

A lot of extra goodness has touched Greymont. Not only do have our residents donating to the Firework Flyers, not to mention the regular donors to our monthly expenses to keep Greymont great.
We have had a resident, kit out Roger’s work clothes from top to bottom.
We had a plumber come out at no charge from Krugersdorp to fix an unwanted fountain of water in Albertsfarm.


Next Greymont Residents Meeting is 10 December 2015.

Will be in the NG Kerk Church as usual.

Will take place at 7pm, we promise to make it short and sweet.

Please email info@greymont.co.za in advance if their are special issues you’d like addressed.

Make sure to be there so your voice is heard and it’s a great way to meet some of your neighbours.

Robert painting poles at CVP

Have you noticed the new street lines being painted?

The Johannesburg Road Agency will start tarring in Greymont soon:

6th road east / west from 5th street to 15th street will be resurfaced entirely.

15th street from 6th road west to 5th road – to be resurfaced entirely

When  work begins, I suggest residents using this 6th road and 15th street to use West Road and go up 5th/4th road to get to their homes.
I will let you know more information once it comes to hand about why these streets and why so few and if other streets will be done as well this financial year. Thanks!


Carols by Candle Light

Saturday, 28 November at 6.30pm
At the Jungle Gym, Sixth Road West, Intersection Tenth Street, Greymont.

  • Candles and Song sheets will be on sale at a nominal cost.
  • Music will be provided by Ian Osrin and Niqui
  • Bring Chairs, picnic food to share and drinks for after.

This is a Friends of Alberts Farm Community Event. All Welcome


Robert’s “XMAS BONUS”

Please let us do our bit as residents to say thank you Robert .
Robert’s “XMAS BONUS” is the reference number of paying into the Greymont account – so we can track it.
You  can also come to the meeting on 10 December and give your donations there as well.

If you do not know what Robert does around Greymont, below is a short list:

  • Picking up litter in the streets and Park on a daily basis, empting of bins etc.
  • Mowing and brush cutting pavements that are not maintained – throughout Greymont.
  • Brush-cutting and mowing in the Park and cleaning up of stream.
  • Taking out weeds in the tar roads, curbs and pavement edges – throughout Greymont.
  • Pruning of trees in the Park and along Long Road.
  • Painting of curbs and touching up where necessary.
  • Painting of wooden colonial poles around the Park.
  • Chain sawing of broken down big branches/ smaller trees in the Park.
  • Weeding all paving areas in West Road and 6th road east.
  • Looking after our succulent garden and weeding it.
  • Taking out grass growth on 5th road and circles.
  • Taking out debris from Pond on a regular basis

He works everyday irrespective of the weather. When we experience 36 degrees (in the shade) it is well over 40 degrees in the sun where he is working. If anyone deserves a bonus it is Robert. Without him, Greymont will look like any other suburb around us – shocking, litter, badly maintained.

Greymont Shirt White

Wear Greymont with pride.

It is now summer and we encourage residents to wear our brand in and around Greymont.

Show off in the parkrun, when exercising, walking or going to the local shops, or just wear it in your garden! The price will be R170.00 and can be deposited into our account with reference “t-shirts” and email me the details of the T-shirt individually.

Keep helping us make Greymont better for you

Donate today
ACCOUNT NO: 62352687150
Proof of Payment: clive@greymont.co.za

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