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GREYMONT – Keeping a suburb clean, well-maintained and crime free seems like a mammoth task. In Greymont, it doesn’t seem to be so difficult.


Clive Malherbe and Robert Madoro on one of the freshly painted street corners in Greymont, courtesy of Madoro's trusty paint brush.

Clive Malherbe and Robert Madoro on one of the freshly painted street corners in Greymont, courtesy of Madoro’s trusty paint brush.

If you take a drive through the suburb of Greymont, you’d notice manicured sidewalks, freshly painted street corners, clean parks and an alarming lack of litter.

These pristine streets are mostly the work of one man, backed by his community.

Meet Robert Madoro.

Madoro, sponsored by the Greymont Resident’s Forum, spends four days a week maintaining Greymont’s sidewalks, cleaning and maintaining local Karel Venter Park and looking after the succulents on Greymont koppie. Recently, he’s also taken up a brush in service to the suburb and has been painstakingly repainting street curbs, house numbers and road names. He’s also repainted all the road signs silver.

“Our community has generously donated so that we can do this,” Clive Malherbe, chairman of the Greymont’s Resident’s Association said on 18 September.

“We pay Robert, and we help out when we can, but he’s our local hero – the man behind our well-maintained suburb.”

Greymont, Malherbe said, is a very proactive community, unafraid to get their hands dirty. Malherbe personally removes all illegal advertising in the suburb; and he and Madoro have cemented park benches and poles in Karel Venter Park to prevent thievery.

Every street light works; they’ve even installed spot lights in the streets and their substations have been equipped with state-of-the-art alarm systems to prevent cable theft. And the community has done it all themselves.

“People shouldn’t moan and groan about the government and municipality,” he said.

“People here look for the solution; we rely on ourselves to fix the problems in our suburb. We’re proud of our suburb; because of our community’s support, the house prices here have sky-rocketed, and aided by our own security company SCP, the crime rate here has dropped significantly.”

That said, Malherbe said that the service delivery the suburb receives from Joburg Water, City Power, City Parks and, particularly Pikitup, has been exemplary.

Robert Madoro, the unassuming man behind the clean suburb, laughed in obvious embarrassment when he was referred to as a hero.

“I like this suburb,” he said, in the midst of watering carefully maintained succulents.

“People stop in the street and give me Coke and thank me. It’s nice doing this.”

By Kirsten van Jaarsveld


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