Invite to the improvement of Alberts Farm


The management committee for the Friends of Alberts Farm Conservancy is inviting all parties to attend a public participation session on 29 September 2016 as part of the process of addressing some of the problems facing the park and the resulting need to create an urban conservancy for the benefit of all those who use Alberts Farm.

The aim of such a project is not only to improve Alberts Farm by way of providing a safe, secure environment for the various user groups who frequent and enjoy Alberts Farm but also to protect the natural environment which makes up the park.

Who should attend: Cyclists – Runners – Hikers – Residents – Church Goers – Conservationists – Schools – City of Joburg Officials – Bird Watchers – YOUR INPUT IS REQUIRED !

If you know of any person or group that should be included in this public participation session, please provide contact information via the contact details below:

Date: 29 September 2016
Time: 15:00
Venue: Education centre at JHB Botanical Gardens, Thomas Bowler street

Tea and Coffee provided

Julie Gouws
079 898 2845

The agenda is comprised as follows:

  1. Welcome and introduction to Alberts Farm by Chairman of Friends of Alberts Farm Conservancy
  2. The Problems Facing Alberts Farm & How an Urban Conservancy can Provide Solutions by Colleen Rood & Liezl van Heerden
  3. Invitation for user groups to table their needs and requirement
  4. Invitation to participate in a planning committee
  5. The way forward

Your input is required so that we can rehabilitate the natural environment at Alberts Farm as well as ensure that the greater community is able to keep enjoying the facility in a safe, sustainable manner.  We are all too familiar with the public concerns which include but are not limited to: degradation of the site (due to illegal dumping, erosion, fire, alien plants), increased number of displaced persons who reside in the park, park users who ignore by-laws, etc.

We are hoping that through a process of discussion with residents, City of Joburg officials and various user groups (runners, cyclists, church goers for example), we can put in place a plan which will make a positive difference once implemented.

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