Invasive Plant Volunteers Needed At Alberts Farm

The rains have started and those pesky Black Jack plants have returned in large numbers in Alberts Farm Conservancy.
They are an annoyance to you, but also take up the resources such as space and water that indigenous grasses and herbs should be utilizing. If left unchecked, the park will have large areas of Black Jack forests. The Friends of Alberts Farm have been actively involved in keeping the Black Jacks and other invasive plants such as Black wood (Acacia melanoxylon) and Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) in check over the years.

However, the task is now too big for just a few people to handle. You will have noticed large patches of invasives appearing after the first rains along the entrance road (left side), near the dam wall and in the rocky area as well as long the path down the hill to the lower areas of the park. Now is the time to tackle these plants to prevent further spread through seed and coppice growth (from the roots of the adult trees).

The park provides many ecosystem services to the area and to Johannesburg as a whole. It has one of the highest biodiversity counts in Johannesburg (139 bird recordings, 35 indigenous trees and 20 grass species). It contains Grassland which is the least protected biome in SA; the vegetation removes carbon dioxide (the main culprit causing climate change) and the natural artesian well provides the city with clean water. Other services include:  providing shade for families; a space for joggers, cyclists and dog walkers to do their activities outdoors and a place for community events. The park is visited everyday seven days a week, which shows that this natural area is important to the local community. It needs your interest and effort to keep it healthy for all to continue enjoying long into the future.

This is a call for volunteers to give 2 hours of your time in removing these weeds.

With this in mind, this is a call volunteers to give 2 hours during the week or weekends in assisting Friends of Alberts Farm with controlling these invasives. Groups will meet on a regular basis for the next 3 months to tackle an area of the park. You may have noticed an effort has been made to treat the regrowth of Black Wood through spraying herbicide. There is a large need for assistance with pulling out Black Jack plants before they set seed. If you are interested in joining this Invasive Plant Control Group then complete the contact form below with your name and email address. All ages are welcome to help.

If you are interested in joining, send Colleen an email: with your name and email address or call her at 082 3353901 for further details. You can also use the form below.
Invasive Plant Volunteers Needed At Alberts Farm

Also let her know what days and time would suit you, to assist her in co-coordinating as many volunteers as possible during the weeks or weekends, starting with Saturday 17th.

All ages welcome to help. School/church/scout groups are also invited and can arrange dates to suit their programs. Thank you to those who have already volunteered.

The first meet will be Saturday 17 October at 10.00. Meet in the main car park in Alberts Farm. Other dates will be posted soon.

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