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Well obviously, as everyone knows, everything costs money. From the employee(s) we pay to keep the streets clean from litter and weeds, to the erection of signs, painting of walls and many, many multitudes of things needed to improve our suburb.

We accept all types of contributions, from that of volunteering all through financial contributes. By choosing to contribute financially, you also become part of the change we all want to see in our country and more specifically, our suburb.

If you are looking for a guide on how much to contribute, the average contribution is usually about R250 a month but of course anything you are willing to share for the betterment of the community, is graciously appreciated, to keep this project going. If you can afford more please do as well:

Kindly use your name and physical address as your reference for monthly subscriptions.


BRANCH CODE: 253-705
ACCOUNT NO: 62352687150

Kindly send the proof of payment via email to:

If you know of another way that you can contribute, please do. We welcome new ideas and fresh volunteers. We all have day jobs, let’s offer just that little bit of time that we have spare (maybe a few minutes a day) to move this community from good to great.

We all know that the little things make the biggest difference. Be part of the positive change! Let the skills that you have learned in your career, be your guide to helping the community in the aim of getting to know each other better, so we can help each other more and give each other the “pull up” that we all need and deserve.

Growing together is how we become a strong unit and strong Community! Join us, join the GNB WhatsApp Group today!

More details about the GNB Group

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