House Numbers On Your Driveway Curb


Hi Greymonter!

It would be a great idea once again to offer the service of the Greymont Residents Forum to paint or re-paint your house number on your driveway curb. If you have not got your number painted yet and would like us to do it or to re-do it (if it is faded), well then, Robert our faithful and trusted worker will do it for you.

The cost will be R80.00 and you can deposit it into our bank account with the reference as your house number and your physical address. Please send your request to Clive via email ( or in the Greymont WhatsApp group alternatively you can put an envelope in his post box (35 3rd Street Greymont) with the same amount and details on it.

If you know a neighbor or someone that has just recently moved into our area please offer our services to them as well!

Each house in Greymont should have this visible number in front of their property – it helps especially emergency services, police, security companies and the postal service. Hope to hear from you soon!

It is with a black border and the white number inside it as seen above.

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