House Numbers On Driveway Curbs

Good Morning fellow resident of Greymont

We as the Greymont Residents Forum are offering to paint your house number on your driveway curb. We embarked on this project a few years ago and many of the numbers need to be re-done due to the weather effect as well as Vumatel digging up pavements.  Every house in Greymont should have their house number clearly displayed and this is one way to do it.

Mike our worker will be doing this service for you but unfortunately, due to the high cost of paint, we will be requesting a R100.00 donation to go towards the GRF.

Payment may be made directly into our bank account with the reference marked “house number” with your name. Please follow it up with an email directed to Clive at with your street address and any further instructions..

Or if you would like to drop off the money in an envelope with your name and street address clearly marked, in the post-box at No. 35  3rd street Greymont.  (No money should be given to Mike our worker directly please).

We sincerely hope that all residents will make use of this fantastic offer to Greymont residents!

Kind Regards
Clive Patrick Malherbe  
Greymont Residents Forum
35  3rd Street Greymont
083 969 7747

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