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How you maintain your home and the appearance of your neighbourhood may send a clear message about neighbourhood standards and lawlessness says Chubb Security.

In fact criminologists warn that homes and neighbourhoods in a state of disrepair may unintentionally invite burglars and intruders into your home.

Known as the ‘broken window’ theory, police and community organisations have helped reduce crime in neighbourhoods by cleaning up streets, organising neighbourhood watch groups, and – yes – fixing broken windows. These efforts show that neighbours won’t tolerate crime.

The same approach holds true for homeowners and renters. Show that you care about your home and neighbourhood through careful maintenance.

Chubb has the following advice:

  • Fix cracked and broken windows.
  • Keep expensive items, especially electronics, away from view by passers-by.
  • Keep your garden and shrubbery well-trimmed.
  • Make friends with your neighbours and learn their schedules.
  • Don’t leave household items and bicycles outside.
  • Don’t leave your car unlocked in your driveway.
  • Make sure entry points to your home are well-lit at night.
  • Use motion detector lights at the side and back of your house.
  • Contact your local municipality if street lights go out, or your road needs repairing.
  • If you spot someone suspicious lingering in your neighbourhood, contact police and let your neighbours know.

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