Here’s how you can help with the Water crisis right now!

Water Shortage SA Everyone can be a helper, a hero – it’s easy

*Scroll to the bottom of the page to find out how it all works.

Good people of South Africa,

We are overwhelmed by your generous donations and hard work. Three cheers to everybody!

We do ask, if you have time on your hands, and are good at organising, please come forward to help orchestrate the donation stations within your town. Let us know if you are willing to help source transport and delivery to drought stricken areas. We need you, they need you.

Please note, this is a movement for everybody. If you are happy to throw some bottles in your boot and drive straight to needy places, please do so. They are waiting for you!

Low rainfall in parts of South Africa has caused severe drought and water scarcity. Five out of our nine provinces have been declared disaster areas.

Harrowing stories from children competing with cows for drinking water to farmers committing suicide, echoes over our barren land.

As in the case with most disasters, humans do come up with creative solutions and show compassion towards each other, not forgetting our four legged friends.

A wave of volunteers are setting up networks within towns, cities and villages to donate, collect and transport water to disaster areas. The water goes to a multitude of destinations. Each destination uses the water sparingly to meet their individual needs.

One example is clean drinking water in villages. As lakes dry up, mud mixes with the remainder of the water. Animals and humans often have to compete for this precious water. Donated tap water are being used in elderly homes for laundry and washing.

You too can be part of this exciting initiative. We need all hands on deck.

Our motto: We do what we can, where we are, with what we have…and so can you…

Ways to show you care:

  • Share or like our Facebook page. This will promote awareness and drum up enthusiasm for volunteers and donations.
  • Donate water by either buying bottled water or by filling up empty bottles you  have. Take your bottles to the nearest donation station.
  • Make yourself available to either  man a donation depot or to transport the much needed water.
  • Our international friends can help by transferring any spare change to family or friends here in SA. The money can be used to fund transport to disaster areas or hire trucks to transport water to the people/animals who need it most.

If you would like to make a donation, the thirsty humans and animals thank you.


Be a hero – it’s easy


The water journey:

Your home

Either buy bottled water or fill up a few bottles. Clearly label each bottle as:

DW = Drinking water. This is for human consumption only.

TW = Tap, Rain or Tank water. To be used for live-stock or sanitary use.

Donation station

Volunteers will collect the water. It will be kept safe until the next step of journey.

Closest to Greymont:

Water drop-off point
Mon – Fri
8am to 7pm

14 Randpark Drive
Randpark Ridge
By courtesy:
Corinna Tannian

Drop off points are always being updated… click here to see all of them. And remember if you can’t find one close to your area, assist “Water Shortage South Africa” by creating your own & the volunteers will assist in getting bottles collected.

Distribution point

Each distribution point has a volunteer responsible for distributing water fairly. The volunteer is in touch with the community and works closely with public to ensure not a single drop gets wasted.

Banking details

Bank: Standard Bank
Branch Code: 055 435
Account Number: 040 254 763
Reference: WSSA & your name

*Please note registration of NPO is pending.

How it all works in a bit more detail:

It starts with you AT HOME collecting empty bottles and filling it with water.

Mark bottles DW for clean drinking water for human consumption and TW for Tap/Tank/Rain water for sanitation or/and animal use.

You take the bottles to a DONATION POINT. That’s where we collect water or gather water together that is ready to be transported. The water is collected from here and travels to… either DROP OFF POINTS/COLLECTION POINTS on the High ways, in towns, in houses, in businesses, filling stations, wherever volunteers are.

We try to make use of holidaymakers returning home to transport water. Also bus services, businesses, transport companies and others…all of them volunteering. From here the water travels to DISTRIBUTION POINTS where the water is distributed to individuals, houses, hospitals, farms, old age homes, informal settlements, wherever need is.

Some distribution points have volunteers that hand out the water and other places people collect themselves. Each town organise themselves in a way that works best for them.

Anyone can join in and help.


This article is from this great site: Water Shortage SA Everyone can be a helper, a hero – it’s easy

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