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Good Morning fellow resident of Greymont

Hope you and your family had a wonderful festive season and are refreshed to face the new year.

We as an Executive recently met and spoke about what we desperately need especially in terms of taking Greymont to new heights in 2017. The first order is to identify residents who have a passion for Greymont and would like to serve the community in a role on our Executive.

It is about 2 months until our AGM and so we are starting the process of looking to fill various positions under the banner of: “STANDING UP TO SERVE YOUR COMMUNITY.” We will want to have all positions filled before our AGM and hence we are starting the process now. This is in accordance with the revised Constitution of the GRF.

Just a few points on the nomination process:

  • To nominate or to stand for a position –  that person  needs to be a contributing member (regular paying of financial subs)
  • You can either nominate yourself or another contributing member for a position via email
  • That resident needs to confirm their availability via email to myself.
  • The resident that puts their name forward/ or nominates another resident needs to be seconded by a different resident.
  • After nominations have closed I will chat to each candidate and then identify the possible new Executive member.
  • I will email residents with this information on a regular basis and if there are no objections, then that person will be appointed.

What positions are open and need filling?

  1. All positions are open to be filled and each resident may put forward names to be filled on the Executive.
  2. To make life simpler, the following persons have agreed to stand in the following positions for the period 2017/2018:
    • Chairperson – Clive Malherbe
    • Public Works – Shane Strashoon
    • Website / social media – Martijn Vreugde
  3. The above names need to be seconded and agreed to by residents via email.
  4. The positions that are vacant and are in desperate need to be filled are:
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Maintenance (street lights, potholes and water leaks)

I will be sending out a comprehensive and detailed portfolio description of the above positions via email once a week (starting with position of Secretary this week) for you to adequately be informed of what will be required of you. Included will be all the practical details necessary to fulfill this position including how much time it will take. After each email we are requesting residents to put forward either their own names or of other residents.

The detailed description of the Secretary portfolio will be emailed out to you tomorrow morning. Please volunteer and serve your community of Greymont! Many thanks!

Kind Regards
Clive Patrick Malherbe   (Founding Member & Acting-Chairperson)
Greymont Residents Forum

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