Happy New Residents For Our Pond!

koi fish from Iain Patterson 001

Last week we received a very generous gift from Iain Patterson, a resident of 8th street – approximately 150-200 Koi fish (similar in colour to gold fish)!

Iain had these beautiful orange fish which he looked after lovingly and caringly in his pond for many, many years. They became his little friends and stayed in his pond which was especially constructed to keep them safe and contented.

Unfortunately it became too much to keep filling up the pond with water and trying to fix the leaks.  He thought it might be a good idea to donate his little ‘friends’ to our Pond. He first checked with his testing kit to ensure the water in the pond was safe and of a good quality- which luckily for us, it was, and of a very good quality for his fish.

They were released in relays with Robert our worker and Iain carrying these fish down the road in buckets to our pond.

To see Iain’s love and concern for his ‘little friends’ and companions released into the pond was really very touching. They seem to be very happy when released, swimming around and exploring their new home. May they live a long and happy life in our Pond and a special and huge thanks to Iain for his generosity, his love and care, not only for his Koi fish, but willing to share his gift with us the community of Greymont.
koi fish from Iain Patterson 003
Hopefully many of you will try and come down to our Park and to our Pond to maybe, just maybe, to catch a glimpse of them!!

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