GRF June – July 2016 Updates

Hello People of Greymont,

There have been a few changes in the structure of the Executive Committee. Our previous Chairperson has stepped down as Chairman due to family and work commitments.

It was decided that I would take over the role of Chairperson in an “Acting Capacity” for this financial quarter. It was also decided that Clive Malherbe be brought back onto the Executive Committee as “Consulting Founding Member” of the Greymont Residents Forum.

  • Elizabeth Markotter – Maintenance Portfolio.
  • Martijn Vreugde -Media and Branding Portfolio.
  • Meyer Lange – Treasurer Portfolio.
  • Shane Strashoon – Public Works / Acting Chairman.

The Executive Committee is still looking for a Secretary and any nominations or volunteers can forward their suggestions to

Portfolio holders and contact details can be seen on the Greymont website here:


Monthly Contributions:

Monthly contributions play a substantial role in keeping Greymont clean and tidy.

Paint, Petrol, 2 Stroke oil, Paint brushes, Equipment maintenance, tools, chainsaw blades, brooms, spades, wheel barrow (Robert’s Company Car) the basics needed in doing what we do best, keeping Greymont Clean and tidy. It’s a never ending battle against litter, but we soldier on.

City Council / City Parks / JRA / City Power /Joburg Water / Pikit-Up is supposed to be doing the respective jobs of maintenance, cleaning and up keep of the different departments, but we all know this will NOT happen on a continuous and consistent level.

That is why we have the Public Works and Maintenance Portfolios in place to report and follow up and have issues resolved and kept in running order for the greater community.

Nobody at CoJ can do it better than we can!

The relationships that we have developed with the different CoJ departments help us to be able to get better service delivery in the shortest possible turnaround time, even when the demands are high, and I like to “press” buttons and have problems resolved soonest.

Contribution Banking details as follows:

BRANCH CODE: 253-705
ACCOUNT NO: 62352687150


Public Works:

The last 7 weeks have been very productive around Greymont.

See Gallery Below

Cleaning the Greymont Park

  1. Cutting down dead tree branches and dead trees.
  2. Cutting grass and keeping the immediate area of the pond clean.
  3. Collecting building rubble along the properties in 5th St that has been dumped there.
  4. Cleaning up the stream of litter and bug weeds.
  5. Cleaning up the dense bushes along 5th Str Close to West.
  6. Pavement / Curb stone weeding and cleaning.
  7. Removal of cut down trees from the park.
  8. Replacement of broken colonial poles.
  9. Chasing City Parks to repaint rainbow benches back to green.


Infrastructure Maintenance

The Electrical Transformer boxes in 4th Rd, 5th Rd, Cross Str, 1St RD and 6th Road West have all been cleaned up and had their illegal advertising removed and are in the process of being repainted in Antique Green.

Crash Barriers

The Crash Barriers on the corners of 9th Str and 5th Rd and 4th Rd have all been sanded down and repainted in full with yellow and black, bring them back to their former glory.

Greymont Park Lights

The park lights have been a bone of contention for a while now, and repeated maintenance of these lights has proven to be a never ending battle with continuous theft of the cables in the poles going up to the lamps.

I have been in discussions with City Parks to have these lights replaced with solar lighting which will hopefully solve the problem, I guess only time will tell. There is a process involved with getting the budgets for the lights to be installed and I’ll keep you all in the loop as to the progress there of.

I have included some before and after photos of things we have been busy with, as small as they might be they do make a huge difference to the overall look of our suburb.



I know recycling is a big issue for some of the Greymont Residents, this is how ever going to become a thing of the future, and it’s just a question of time before it becomes a reality.

Monday’s is a day that my buttons get pressed on a level far higher than normal!

Robert does his best to keep the streets clean and litter free and then Monday comes along and it’s back to square one!

I would like to make a request that we all as residents of Greymont try to improve our recycling habits, even if it’s just putting rubbish into bags and then into the black bins to minimise small papers, little bottles and bits and pieces flying out of the black bins when the Pikit-Up truck arrives to remove the refuse. This on its own can improve the general appearance of our streets after collection day. After all, it is a collective effort.


Should any of you, the Residents of Greymont have any suggestions or comments, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We would like to hear from you.


Kind regards


Acting Chairman

Greymont Residents Forum.


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