Greymont’s very own Dirty Harry


Our beloved guardian of the streets of Greymont Roland, was interviewed by a Dutch TV show.

They go on to tell the story of  how “With his handgun called ‘Dirty Harry’ within reach, the South African Roland has a dangerous reputation. He is not an official police officer, but he does the job the Johannesburg police refuses to do right: to protect and serve.”

Born from a promise to a loved one, he has built up a security company renowned for their dedication to protecting those under his care and the suburbs around Greymont. He might not look like a cop and his past is even on the other side of the line, he used to be a bank robber, but now he uses his knowledge to out think outlaws and keeps our streets free of them.

See the interview on the site or below:


Disclaimer: we advertise the services of the  Suburban Crime Prevention security company on our site.

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