Greymont Update – May/june 2017

Good Afternoon Greymonter

It has been some time since we have communicated with you. The work nevertheless continues unabated with Mike doing such a wonderful job.

The main work we have done over the last month:

  • Picking up litter in our streets and Park on a daily basis.
  • Raking up leaves around our Pond and in selective streets.
  • Starting to paint the corner curbs once again with the street names on them. ( From 2nd road up to 7th street, West road –busy with 8th street and up to 15th street along 6th road west, 5th and 4th roads)
  • Painting of house numbers on driveway curbs of residents who made use of this opportunity and service we offer.

The painting jobs are always our priority in the Winter months when there is more time and when the grass is taking a break from growing! You may ask why do we do this when JRA is supposed to do it? We have found over the years that JRA does not give priority to this type of work in Greymont. Ever since we as GRF were formed in 2012 they have never done it. But more importantly we take the initiative because we care how our suburb looks and if it is well maintained our house prices increase as a result as well.

Thanks to everyone who contributes regularly towards the work that we do in Greymont through the paying of monthly subs. For new and existing residents who wish to contribute and be proud Greymonters, the banking details are included below.

Those of you who still wish for their house numbers to be painted on your driveway curb, please email me at . The cost is R100.00 and can be dropped off at my house at 35 3rd street or do a banking transfer with reference “no. painting” and your address. 22 residents have had theirs done in the last 10 days- what about you?

In regards to the crime spike that we have all heard about via the WhatsApp group. A meeting was had with the SCP in their offices and they told us that compared to surrounding areas Greymont is actually experiencing less crime. The spike though is theorised to be in wake of all the private companies who are hired by vuma to dig the fibre trenches these workers only have to dig holes so are obviously not back checked. On the other side is that this wave seems to have mostly passed us and is now affecting Bergbron. We have tried to start up the Greymont watch again led by resident Jzee and already has a few residents doing watch rounds. The watch will be done in affiliation with SCP so please contact them if you like to participate in making Greymont safer.

We always welcome your suggestions and ideas. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your inputs as to what and how we can make Greymont better. If you feel that a public meeting with all residents will be helpful to discuss our work and perhaps our concerns please let us know and we will arrange one.

The summary of some items – The finances for the last quarter (3 months) are as follows:

Income (monthly subs)                                  R 23 635.00

Income (painting house numbers)              R 2200.00

Expenditure (wages)                                      R 12 250.00

Maintenance (paint etc)                                R 4995.00


Banking details:

Bank: Fnb
Branch: Northcliff Branch
Branch Code: 253-705
Name Of Account: Greymont Residents Forum
Type Of Account: Cheque Account
Account No: 62352687150



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