Greymont Update from Clive

Hi Greymonter,

It has been a while since I last communicated with you. However,  we have worked right through December and this month attempting to keep Greymont well maintained, neat and tidy. I just wanted to give you breathing room and for you to settle back at work before I sent out this email to you.

This will be the first email among quite a few that I will send out to you especially relating to our upcoming AGM. It concerns mostly the processes and procedures in having a new Executive in place and ratified at our AGM to be held at the beginning of March 2015. It will be either on 10, 11 or 12 March depending on load shedding schedules.


DatesStage 1Stage 2Stage 3

Tues 27.01.2015


Wed. 28.01.2015

nothing6-10.30am6am-10.30am & 10pm-2:30am

Thurs 29.01.2015


Friday 30.01.15


Sat 31.01.15


Sun 01.02.15



What Robert and the team in Greymont have accomplished over December and Januar, listed below:

  1. 2 x Mowing and brush cutting selected pavements 1st, 2nd  roads and  1st 2nd , 3rd streets
  2. Long road brush cutting and pruning of trees
  3. Pruning trees in Park and along stream
  4. 3 x Mowing around Pond, and weeding around Pond
  5. 2 x Weeding rock garden, brush cutting and weeding surrounding it.
  6. 2 x Cutting grass embankment at shopping centre on West road
  7. Taking debris out of Pond.
  8. 2 x Cutting grass under colonial poles 6th road west
  9. Brush cutting embankment on top of 6th rd west between 15-13th streets
  10. Cutting grass under colonial poles 6th rd east
  11. 4th road curb/ pavement weeding from 9th str to 13th streets.
  12. 4th road brush cutting between 11th str to 13th street, pavement on 11th street.
  13. Brush cutting pavement in green area on West road opposite Park
  14. Weeding paving 6th road east and paving on West road at Park
  15. Chain sawing big branches that fell down in Park and tree that fell on to 6th road west
  16. Mowing pavement on 6th road west between entrance to Alberts farm to stream on Alberts farm side.
  17. Brush cutting under colonial poles on 6th rd west on Alberts farm side from 11thstr to 8th streets.
  18. Mowing and cleaning up 8th street pavements
  19. 2 x Mowing pathways in the Park
  20. Planting 10 new trees around top deck of Carel Venter Park at swing area
  21. Brush cutting and mowing pavements on 8th street and 7th street bordering on our Park
  22. Brush cutting under colonial poles of Park on West Road
  23. Emptying of bins and Park litter clean up on a regular basis
  24. Weeding 5th road in curbs, in road and around all circles

Please continue to email me ( with the street lights, potholes, leaking water meters etc. so that we can report them.Would you also let us know when they have been fixed.

As you can see service delivery was extremely poor during December and now in January with all the Muncipal owned entities (Citypower, City Parks, JRA). The only exception is Pikitup who has given the service delivery that is needed.

We have submitted our 2 petitions ( Fireworks and changing the name of our Park, CVP) to the relevant authorities and they are in the process of being evaluated and assessed. We hope for feedback before the middle of the year.

Thanks for all your good wishes and your financial contributions. During this time we are employing Robert 5 days a week as we never can catch up with all that is needed to be done. Without your regular subs. we wouldn’t be able to do what we are doing. We could do more however! If you are paying R100 per month it translates at being 59% of one day’s wages for Robert. We pay him R170. per day and as with everything, it will need to be increased

If you know of new residents that have moved into Greymont please send me their names or addresses so that we can make contact with them.

Please send us your comments, suggestions or criticisms – it is always welcomed and appreciated.


Kind Regards

Clive P. Malherbe – Chairperson



083 969 7747

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