Greymont Residents Meeting Minutes – 30 September 2015

Hi Greymonters,

Sorry for the delay, below are the minutes of the Residents meeting we had on the 30th of September.

Also some photos of Robert’s new kit and the work he has done to chain saw 2 huge branches that broke off in the Greymont Park.

We did request City Parks to help but because one of these huge branches was lightly resting on a smaller branch and was unstable we thought that this was urgent and needed to be done immediately. This was directly over a bench in the Park and would have caused massive injury if it fell on a person. Hence we decided to cut it up ourselves. This was a very dangerous operation for Robert as well.



ROBERT’S WORK AND NEW KIT!! All the cut up logs are in the photo as well. If residents wish to help themselves they must feel free to collect themselves. Have a great day!


30 September 2015 at the NG Kerk in Greymont.

Chairperson: Tinus de Beer Maintenance: Elizabeth Markotter
Treasurer: Tanja Henderson (Absent with apologies) Public Works: Clive Malherbe
Secretary: Maureen Ponnen Social Media & Websites: Martijn Vreugde

Total attendance: 26

  1. Welcome

Tinus welcomed all residents to the meeting.

  1. Our Team

Tinus introduced the executive team and asked if anyone had any objections to the new posts filled in by himself as Chairman and Elizabeth in Maintenance. It was unanimously agreed by all residents that they were happy with both new executives.

  1. Smart Meters

The City’s intention is to have smart meters installed into every home and it is currently being done in a non-systematic way. These smart meters can be switched off remotely by City Power in order to control usage. An objection is underway to protest having all the electricity switched off remotely instead of only switching off geysers remotely. Installations by contractors are quite shoddy as they get paid commission per meter. The City Power officials are more professional with the installations.

Some information to know about smart meters:

  • The outside serial number should match the inside meter
  • The hand held device has a touch screen and is paired with the meter on the wall and should confirm that the registration is ok.
  • This is hooked to a satellite system that transmits readings every 15 minutes to a billing system
  • The billing settings on the device should be set to 3 for residential use in order to avoid excessive billing.
  • Ensure final reading on old meter is recorded and verified by technician.

Complaints regarding smart meters:

  • Excessive billing almost three times the normal usage
  • Signals are transmitted via the satellite to billing
  • Estimates are being billed instead of actual usage
  • Inaccurate readings

It is understood that there is a shortage of technicians to assist with all complaints and technical queries. Residents were urged to visit the Centre at 40 Heronmere Road, Reuven, near Booysens to resolve their issues together with their logged reference numbers and relevant documentation.

Step by step by step instructions will be emailed to residents to check the settings on their smart meter settings.

Details of all technical issues with a disconnection warning should be reported to Steve Kotze who will do the necessary enquiries.

  1. Public works – Main events this quarter

    • Touch up painting maintenance of all street curbs – still current
    • Operation clean up stream area
  • Thanks’ to environmental unit, tree maintenance unit, EPWP team and City Parks who cut cleaned and removed- especially the area around West Rd & 5th street at park.
  • Robert and Mfana spent 3 days chain sawing trees in stream area where criminals, drug dealers & takers and homeless people/ vagrants made their home.
  • Name change of the Carel Venter P ark to the Greymont Park was finalised by Council – awaiting erection of park signs. Thanks to all who contributed in so many ways in signing and walking the lines on voting day and getting signatures for this petition. It really helped a great deal.
  • Robert works for us 5 days a week and is paid R190.00 per day. Thanks to Robert for his dedication and excellent work and for your financial contributions that enables him to keep Greymont looking great! He maintains all streets, pavements, embankments in Greymont, including the park and the succulent garden on 4th
  • Thanks also to Pikitup for always and promptly picks up all bags that Robert has filled up around the park and throughout Greymont.
  • Tinus will send a warning email from the forum to the resident who has not cleared the rubble on his pavement that’s been lying there for days.
  • Information on neglected pavements and sidewalks should be sent to Clive.
  1. Finance as at 1 June 2015 to 31 August 2015

There has been no increase in new subscribers. Of the 700 residents in Greymont, only about 40 pay subscriptions to keep our area looking as neat and clean as it is.

Below is the bank statement for income and expenditure

TOTAL INCOME 19 355.00
LABOUR COSTS 15 871.91
PPE 320.00
TOTAL INCOME   19 355.00
TOTAL – ACCOUNT   -2 621.30
  1. Web & Social Media

    • The Greymont Residents Forum webpage receives about 1400-1600 visits per month with 94 subscribers to the site. All community news info should be sent to Martijn.
    • The forum currently has two WhatsApp Groups. One is a general Greymont forum group and the other a Greymont security group.
    • There wasn’t enough interest from the residents to warrant the request for optic fibre in the area.
    • The Spring Fair at Albert’s Farm was a success.
    • The Park run celebrated its 1st anniversary at Albert’s Farm. There is an average of about 250 runners per week.
    • Martijn can be contacted for any advertising requirements on the website.
  1. Feedback on Bergbron Development

An environmental survey was done by PRISM for the low cost housing development opposite the Gordon Road Spar. The plans include 581 units in this development which will have a huge impact on infrastructure, water and traffic. FNBQ Association (Florida Glen, Northcliff, Bergbron, Quellerina) has formed a residents association to lodge an objection for the surrounding residential areas that will be affected. Feedback on any progress will be provided at the next residents meeting.

Dumpsite Development in Sophiatown

A shopping mall is being developed at a previous dumpsite in Sophiatown. These plans have already been approved. Tinus will follow up with Steve about any developments taking place in the Greymont area.

  1. Maintenance

All potholes, non working street lights and water leaks should be reported to Elizabeth who will get the relevant authorities to ensure that is resolved.

  1. WhatsApp Security Group

Elizabeth also maintains the WhatsApp security group. Residents who wish to be on the group should send their full names, addresses, emails and cell numbers to her so that they can be added.

  1. Security Matters

    • It is important that pavements be kept neat and tidy and all overgrown shrubs are trimmed to limit hiding places for criminals.
    • Wheelie bins should be taken back inside the property as soon as possible as these are often used to transport stolen goods on garbage collection days. There are numerous recyclers around on these days and it’s not easy to identify the genuine ones.
    • Non working streetlights should be reported immediately.
    • Any unusual vehicles found to be cruising slowly up and down streets should be noted and reported.
    • There has been an increase in crime in the Greymont area in the last three months.
    • The community has to be more involved and proactive in reducing crime in our area. Retired residents can be lookouts in their streets.
    • All contractors and domestics working in the area should be carefully screened. The practicality of this has to be discussed further.
    • SCP Security

It was observed by quite a few residents that SCP is doing fewer patrols in the Greymont area. This is a cause for concern. Residents have signed up contract for response times of 4 minutes but it sometimes take up to 15 minutes to get a response from them and they are only a few streets away. This could be because SCP has spread out to a wider area like Roosevelt Park and Montgomery Park. Tinus will meet with Valerie from SCP to address the above issues.

  1. Closure

The meeting was adjourned at 20h20

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