Greymont Residents Forum Update


Good Morning Greymonter!

Just a few quick items that we need to share with you:

Restructuring of the Executive of the Greymont Residents Forum

Unfortunately the Present Executive had to re-organise itself as we do not have a Chairperson, secretary and recently both the Treasurer and Maintenance Executive members could not adequately carry out their duties due to ill health. The new structure to take us forward until the AGM next year is as follows:

Acting Chairperson – Clive Malherbe (founding member & Executive member)
Treasurer – Clive Malherbe
Public Works and Whatsapp group – Shane Strashoon
Maintenance portfolio – Clive Malherbe
Website and other social media platforms – Martijn Vreugde.

As can be seen we desperately need to start getting new leadership in our Executive from the residents of Greymont. Please put your name forward for any positions above to be filled at our AGM in March 2017. We really need your generosity in volunteering to become part of the leadership team.

The Greymont Residents Meeting (long overdue)

The meeting will be held on Tuesday 25 October 2016 at 6.30pm at the NG Kerk Greymont 2nd Road – safe parking is available. This meeting is not to be missed by any resident!

Agenda items:

  1. Fibre optic cables presentation and questions. It will affect every resident in Greymont as all pavements and driveways will be dug up in the next few weeks.
  2. Outcome of our questionnaire/ survey.
  3. General items.

Guy Fawkes fireworks pamphlets

Please if you wish to contribute financially to the printing of these pamphlets we would definitely welcome any contributions. Please just use “FIREWORKS” as your banking reference. We will distribute them to every household and to all the complexes bordering Greymont as well.


We hope that you will fill in the questionnaire and we definitely would request your presence at our meeting next week.

Many thanks!

Kind Regards

Clive Patrick Malherbe  

Founding member and Executive member

Greymont Residents Forum
35  3rd Street Greymont
083 969 7747

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