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Good Afternoon

I am writing this post to you specifically and to all residents of Greymont. Last week I sent out a request detailing the position of Secretary that we are desperately in need of filling. I asked for nominations – specifically nominating yourself for this position.

Before I go on, I sincerely hope that you are seriously looking at putting your name forward and therefore I need you to email me back with your nomination.

Thus far the response for this position has been EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING, to put it mildly! We have had no nominations for this position at all. I was supposed to send out the detail description of the Treasurer today but we cannot move forward until we have a number of nominations for the Secretary position.

I interpret your silence and lack of communication in a very poor light. As the saying goes, “What is important to you and what your priority is will determine the time you give to them”. If this is true then the entire Greymont community sees no value in the work we do and what we are trying to achieve in Greymont. The excuses you will give, I am sure, will be many- chief among these will be:

  1. I have no time as I am working.
  2. I have a lot of family commitments

You are therefore insulting the present Executive members implying we do not have work commitments nor have family commitments. A lack of commitment is also found in the attitude that ‘someone else will do it’ or ‘someone else is more skilled or suitable’.

I urge you to look through the previous post and seriously discuss with your family the possibility of putting your name forward for the Secretary position. I make no apology for the tone of this post or if I might have offended you. We have reached a point where we either pull together as a community or we live our lives in Greymont as individuals not caring about our suburb or environment.

I, therefore, await your email putting yourself forward for this position. Thanking you in advance!

Kind Regards
Clive Patrick Malherbe   (Founding Member & Acting-Chairperson)
Greymont Residents Forum

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