For those that missed it, below are the minutes for the:

GREYMONT RESIDENTS FORUM Quarterly Meeting June 10, 2014 – N G KERK, 2ND AVENUE, GREYMONT AT 18:00


WELCOME:  Clive Malherbe opened and welcomed all residents.

The Greymont Residents Forum Executive for 2014/2015 is:


Chairperson: Clive Malherbe Maintenance: Wessel Linden
Treasurer: Tanja Henderson Carel Venter Park: JZee
Secretary: Di Macdonald Websites: Martijn Vreugde


We meet every quarter according to our Constitution.  The GRF is 2,5 years old this month.  The Forum has been active since February 2012.



  • Overcrowding
  • Lack of maintenance of  parks
  • Litter not been cleaned up in the streets
  • General degradation of the suburb
  • Drug peddling
  • Street Lights not working
  • Litter not being cleaned up in the parks
  • Crime
  • Illegal businesses
  • Pot holes
  • Rubbish cluttering up the stream in the park
  • Disregard of By laws



Thus started our joint effort in taking back our suburb and restore Greymont to what it should be; a community and family suburb where, through joint effort, making our area a place of pride and self-respect.

We began with meeting with the management of the various departments and developing service relationships and partnerships which are on-going today. Many of these have assisted us in our endeavours; Pikitup, Citypower, Town Planning Department etc.

Greymont of two and a half years ago is definitely not the suburb we are living in now and are proud of. Not a day goes by when residents and visitors to our suburb don’t compliment us on the neat, tidy and well-kept suburb with our stunning Parks.

Clive also complimented the other two groups that preceded us and without all of us working together, our achievements would not be so noticeable. He mentioned Roland and SCP as well as the Friends of Albert’s farm committee.

Up until now we have had residents helping and contributing in maintaining Greymont through their skills, moral support and financial contributions. Without these contributions it would not have been possible for Greymont to have the way of life that we now all treasure.

It has always been our aim to empower residents and to take ownership of our suburb firstly by educating ourselves on the by-laws and then coming together in assisting other residents and fostering a sense of a caring community in practical ways. Our social media platforms have assisted us greatly in fostering a sense of community that cares for one another and our environment. I was recently a recipient of such care and support when my dog when missing. Also it was evidenced when I requested help with a printer. In both cases the response was quite overwhelming. I would not want to live anywhere else.

Thanks to all residents who contributed to the alarm systems on the Sub Statins and thanks to Roland for his support and assistance in this regard.

Many more residents are keeping our streets and Parks clean by picking up litter and keeping our suburb neat and tidy. Two such groups I want to highlight. One is where a few residents in 11th street came together and clubbed in to get a garden service to clean up a pavement which was an eyesore. The other group is on 3rd street where residents have a roster to clean the intersection with West road to pick up litter in and around this area.

However, the real day to day work in keeping our roads, walks-ways, curbs, pavements, green areas and Park, clean and tidy, is down to the daily hard work done by our dedicated worker, Robert. Without your financial contributions/ donations we would not be able to pay him to do the work that is necessary and Greymont would definitely not be so well kept and maintained. Regular financial contributions and other sources of revenue are always needed to maintain and improve our area.

This has been a community task by residents coming together and taking ownership of our area and environment. All compliments are directed to each Greymonter who has contributed in making Greymont the suburb of choice to reside in. We are the envy of very many other suburbs. Well done and thanks!

I would just like to highlight some the work that Robert has done in the last few months. Many of these have to be done more than once. The work he has done in the Park will be outlined by Jzee who has the portfolio of Parks.

  1. Walk way pavements –weeding, acid, curbs and roads – 6th road, West road.
  2. Rock garden – weeding and brush cutting surrounding areas.
  3. 5th road – curbs, pavements and circles – weeding and acid.
  4. Long Road – clearing of pavement, brush cutting, litter, cutting branches from West road to 14th Str East.  (32 bags)
  5. 7th street – clearing of curbs and road of massive grass growth in road  (15 bags)
  6. 14th str east – clearing and weeding of curbs of massive growth  (25 bags)
  7. 4th road – brush cutting away from road from 11th str – 13th str of grass and weeds.
  8. West road – clearing curbs, pavements and road of weeds and grass.
  9. 1st road – grass cutting from Long to 3rd street (2 blocks)
  10. Picking up litter in upper Greymont streets (Long, West, 1st, 2nd streets, 2nd road.)
  11.  Cutting of grass embankment at shopping centre.
  12. Various pavements have also been cut and tidied up.



I thank the team that volunteered to walk the line on voting day and get people to sign our petitions. Many requested our help in Albertskroon and Albertville. Each petition ranged between 480- 510 signatures. Thanks to all who supported this initiative and hopefully these petitions will have the desired results in the near future; the petitions are as follows:

  1. Better service delivery to the Carel Venter Park.
  2. Changing the name of the Carel Venter Park to the Greymont Park.  This will take over a year, it is a very long process.
  3. Banning all fireworks in residential areas.  Steve Kotze has not responded to emails on this ban on fireworks be distributed to all the other Johannesburg suburbs.

Clive met with the Manager of Parks and received a very disappointing response – lots of excuses, some valid, some not.


  • BE VIGILANT – Know what is happening around you.  Report criminal activity and be active in preventing the By Laws being broken;
  • COMMUNICATE criminal activity to the relevant authorities and advise the relevant people in the Forum if you see By Laws or laws being broken.  We need to intervene in illegal activities and halt them before they become entrenched.
  • TAKE COMMUNITY ACTION together, if and where, it is appropriate.

Shebeen on 4th – we have reported non-compliance.  Inspectors went back, in the process of getting a ‘Contempt Of Court Order”.  The system is very slow.  Be vigilant however against additional business like this being opened in Greymont.

Estate agents in the area should be aware of the caliber of person that they sell or rent a house to.



 Financial Report – 1st March 2014 – 31st May 2014.  Financial summary is available on the website.

Ms. Henderson thanked the residents who are paying their subs monthly, as the work that has been done in Greymont would not be possible without this money.

Income received for the 3 month period was R 15,110.00 viz Expenditure for the 3 month period of R 15,158.69

All subs received in March, April and May have been used for labour costs, maintenance of equipment, running costs for equipment, printing & stationery and telephone expenses.



March 2014 – 33 households paid subs, 25 in April and 40 in May;

Aril 2014 – 25 households paid subs;

May 2014 – 40 households paid subs



The erratic payment of subs makes it difficult to budget ahead and to set up a schedule of maintenance in the suburb. It is disappointing that only between 30-40 people are the ones who are taking the responsibility to make sure that Greymont is kept in good condition, even though all the estimated  600-700 residents in the area benefit from the work done.

We will continue to encourage more people to pay monthly subs and perhaps many people do not realize that the cleaning and grass cutting is being organized and funded by the `Forum and not the council. We all pay rates, but it is a fact that most of the municipal departments are underfunded and under resourced. This is experienced all over Johannesburg and these times require communities to stand up and do it for themselves.



  • We are looking at having “Greymont” shirts printed. Clive as arranged a sample for everybody to see. The shirts will be sold for R 150-00 each. Please let us know if you would like to purchase a T-Shirt and whether you would like T-shirts for your children;
  • The painting of house numbers was suggested as well, please let us have your input;
  • Advertising on the website for local businesses and estate agents in the area.




  1. Mr. Linden thanked Citypower for attending to our street lights that are out in a very short period of time, in particular he expressed his thanks to John Mcwilliam for his assistance in this regard.
  2. We have had very professional certificate made for presentation to Hursthill Management for excellent service delivery over the past few years and installing additional street lighting.
  3. Please take note that cable theft, streets not working or power outs for private households needs to go through the call centre or be logged on via your mobile phone at in order to get a reference number. Unfortunately there are no short cuts to resolve these.  Get a reference number for each logged call.
  4. We have also requested Citypower to check on the Green pillar box and mini sub stations to see if they are secured and the doors are locked.  On Long Road these were replaced, 4th Road is still awaiting attention.
  5. Thanks to Rob Thompson, Derick and Roland who together has ensured that both our sub stations (4th and 5th roads) have got alarm systems and are linked to the control room of SCP.

Joburg Roads Agency

  1. All potholes have been repaired by JRA.  Please report any other potholes to us and we will pass it on to JRA.
  2. We have requested painting of selected streets lines, (6th road, West road).  We also requested some of the streets curbs be painted.
  3. We have requested the replacement of the street sign pole on 3rd Road and Long.


  1. We thank Pikitup for their excellent work done in Greymont. We thank them for supplying us with 500 bags that Robert uses in cleaning up our streets and the Park. Thanks again that they collect this refuse within 48 hours.  They also collect the refuse from Roberts’s cleanup in the Park.
  2. Thanks to Pikitup for supplying Clive with additional recycling bags to help our residents to recycle. Please contact Clive and get a replacement set.

Pikitup have been really phenomenal, they often come within the hour to collect.  They have collected more than 500 bags of refuse from Greymont in the past 3 months.

Recycling is still a contentious issues as the bags are stolen.  Only 30% of households recycle it is very important that we recycle.  Clive has bags if you need these.


Joburg Water

  1. Please can you check in your street/ block to see how many water meter covers are either broken or stolen. Please email me all the numbers of the houses supplying a description of the cover.



 The following work was done in the Park by our General Assistant, Robert:

  1. Replacing boom gate pole and lock and re-welding again, the City Parks lock did not have a key;
  2. Concreting colonial poles that were taken out along 8th street;
  3.  Emptying of bins in Park, Pikitup assisted with the collection of rubbish bags;
  4.  Brush cutting the embankments of the stream;
  5. Cleaning the litter out of the Stream, and constant removal of litter from the Park;
  6. Cleaning the pond of litter and thinning the reeds in the pond;
  7. Painting of benches in Park;
  8. Raking up leaves around Pond.


Robert performs the above work once or twice a month.

Meeting with the Regional Manager, City Parks

Clive met with the Regional Manager Alton Rankin in the Park 2 weeks ago where he voiced our displeasure of the level of service delivery in the Park; re: emptying of bins, cutting and brush cutting.

Unfortunately City Parks is unable to meet the 2 week cutting cycle and will now be done every 3 weeks.  Due to resources, emptying of bins will be done once a week not twice a week now. These are all due to severe resource and financial constraints. Our GA, Robert, will assist with bin emptying and Pikitup will collect.

Thanks to those residents who are and picking up the litter in the Park. We urge all residents to pick up litter.

PARK RANGERS – Crime Control

 Clive arranged for Park Ranger and Metro Police to do a blitz two Saturday’s ago to enforce by-laws, particularly pertaining to alcohol and drug use, littering and vagrants using the stream. We thank them for walking through the Park and they have agreed to do this on a regular basis.

All residents are urged to report anti-social behavior, motorbikes, cars, noise, pond disturbance to the Park Rangers on (011) 472- 6539 (Work hours) and ask Sotho to request Christine Marengwa of the Metro Police to attend to the problem.

Clive has a spare set of keys to the Parks boom gates.




  • Google Rank
    • We have gained the top spot for on and are at 8 on .com still first page though
  • Activity
    • 2,967 Page views
  • Articles
    • 16 Articles so far
    • Many useful dedicated pages such as history about the suburb and the parks surrounding us, as well as useful numbers to call.
    • I would like new articles to publish and ideas from the community
  • Potential Revenue
    • Advertise for the Real Estate agents in the area
    • Advertise for the businesses in the area
    • Antique route


I rather like leaving it to be an organic discussion. Without too much restriction.

The only restrictions I’ve put in are:


  • Stop discussion after 22:00 unless an emergency.
  • If you are having a one-on-one discussion take it off the group and discuss it directly with the other user.
  • Discussion needs to be relevant to Greymont and its residents.


Social Media

  • Facebook
    • Very strong activity
  • Twitter
    • 76 Tweets
  • YouTube
    • 1 video of The Boys Brigade of South Africa is celebrating their 125th year
  • Google+


We were published by News24 on an article about are online activity to build up the reputation of our suburb. The article brought us hundreds of new visitors and helped increase our page rank on Google.



Housebreaking:  No major house breakings, the thieves tend to rush in grab what they can get and flee.  There is less housebreaking crime now than there was in 1993. There are two people being chased for housebreaking in Greymont.  They are not armed.  They use a variety of vehicles, a white City Golf, a gold Auris, and a maroon 3 Series BMW.  The police are working on this.

Car theft and theft out of cars:  Cars parked in the streets are a problem, they are mostly stealing Polo’s and Golfs.  Check for lock jamming, after you have locked car.

Drug dealing: Be vigilant and tell Roland, he has a contact within at the police department.

Assault:  Minimal and general alcohol is involved.

Domestic violence:  on the increase.

Be aware of what goes on around you.  Keep pavements clear of bushes and trees – criminals hide in these.

Steve Kotze:  By laws changing from July for problem properties which should make sorting out these properties easier.

Metro bus routes can be changed if the community wants the routes changed.


SPECIFIC COMPLAINTS:  Please email these to Clive as they arise and he will address these or send it through to the necessary local authorities.

All Greymont Residents need to add input and contribute to the maintenance of the suburb, please do not leave this to the Forum Executive only, we need your active participation at all levels.

Minutes of the General Meeting Held on June 10, 2014:   Adopted and Accepted


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