Greymont Residents Forum Meeting on the 30th of September


Hi Greymonters,

Our Greymont Residents Forum Meeting is around the corner. 30 September 2015 at 18:30.

We will have a speaker to tackle the SMART METER questions.

To have as much information possible, please email with answers to the following questions.

  1. Does your outside meter serial number match the serial number on your bill?
  2. Bill average over three months before smart meter was installed and monthly bill amounts thereafter.
  3. If something happened that can explain the price increase please add it here
  4. If your smart meter is bypassed and you would like it fixed in fear of a possible massive bill please let us know.
  5. Is your handheld devise working/do you have a handheld devise

We understand if you do not want to provide all the information above, but the more info we have the better.

We will be introducing a new team, new ideas.

We hope to tackle all questions/queries you might have.

So we hope to see you 18:30 this coming Wednesday.

To all Greymonters that have assisted Physically, Mentally & Financially over the last quarter we thank you.

Only as a community can we make Greymont an even better neighbourhood.

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