Greymont Park Pond Cleanup

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After a busy day cleaning up the Greymont Park with Thomas, our temporary Greymont worker until Robert’s return, with the help of Team Rubble Ratz, the pond and immediate surrounds are looking much better.

The bog plants have been pulled out around the edge of the pond exposing more visible water. The Rubble Ratz Team assisted Thomas in a very arduous task of coming to ‘grips’ with the bog plant and trying to get deep down to pull them out. At some stage of the game a member of the team found it easier to climb into the pond and get a good ‘hands on’, great progress was made.20160216_141502_012 (Large)

Trees around the pond where branches have broken, have been cut down, and a broken Willow tree branch obstructing a clear view into the park from 8th St. The primary reason for removing the broken branches is due to safety precautions, preventing any possible injury to members of the public. The Rubble Ratz Team (+27825500363) also loaded up the truck with all the dead branches and previously removed bog plant, that city parks has been promising for the longest time to remove!

A little shrew was also seen running for safety to a new hidey hole after having his temporary home removed. The ducks and Egyptian Geese also went into hiding during the process of the clean-up, but soon made a reappearance after their water way was cleaned.

Team Rubble Ratz will be back at the Pond tomorrow morning to complete the clean-up and remove the balance of the rubbish left behind today.

Randle from City Parks also played a big role in getting the grass cut in the Park.

Photos and write up by Shane Strashoon

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