Greymont News May 2018

Good Morning Greymonter

Hope you are well and keeping warm now that Winter has made herself known!

In the last while we are still very active in maintaining the standards that we in Greymont are used to. Whether it is getting street lights, potholes and water leaks fixed and the hard work that Mike our worker is constantly doing in keeping Greymont neat and tidy.

He picks up litter every day in targeted streets as well as the Greymont Park. He also patrols the stream that runs through the Park and when necessary he reports human activity in the stream area to SCP. Thanks to them for always responding positively.

Recently he has been doing back breaking work on the streets and corners in digging up and weeding growth of grass etc. from these areas, this also includes weeding the grass in the paving on the 4th road surface.

He has also continued to brush cut all areas and pavements throughout Greymont that needs cutting. From today he is picking up leaves in 2nd road, 1st street and 1st road. He then will proceed to our Pond in the Park and use our blower and try to tidy up and get rid of the leaves especially from the water edge.

Mike our worker is also going to do targeted painting on corners of streets where the paint is coming off or is looking a bit shabby.

Painting of house numbers on driveway curbs:

If anyone would want Mike to do your numbers or to come and re-do them please email me your physical address. The cost will be R100.00

Our two winter projects coming up:

  1. PAINTING OF COLONIAL POLES  SURROUNDING THE GREYMONT PARK.  – This will go ahead when Mike returns from his annual leave towards the end of June. The project makes a huge difference to the area and unfortunately is very costly. City Parks does not do this service any longer. Please we rely on your extra donations. If you donate for this project please use the banking reference “POLES”


  1. OUR NEW ALOE / SUCCULENT GARDEN –  This will also be done towards the end of Winter beginning of Spring and is situated on the corner of 4th road and 11th street. Mike this last week has cut the area where he will remove all rubble, grass and weeds. We have also secured a free skip from Pikitup for this purpose. We again rely on either cash donations, plant donations from your garden or for you to buy an aloe from a nursery and come on the designated day for the planting in this garden. Please use the banking reference “GARDEN”.

For those not on the whatsapp groups:

Mike in his free time is make fantastic bird feeders (SEE ATTACHED PHOTO) and they are selling very fast!!!  Please support his initiative as he is trying to raise additional funding in order to go home to Malawi for his annual leave in June. The cost to go home and return is R4000.00. He is selling the bird feeders with the funnel for only R80.00 (he makes R50.00 for each one he sells).  Please email me your order and how many you want. I will deliver them to your home when they are ready.

Please stay in contact with us and let us know how we can better serve you the residents of Greymont!

Kind Regards
Clive Patrick Malherbe

Greymont Residents Forum  (Founding Member)
35  3rd Street Greymont
083 969 7747

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